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3 recipes for collagen tea

Winter is here!

Winter means tea, and in my case tons of tea.

Matcha is my big obsession. I used to be really big on coffee, but I swapped 2 cups of coffee for 2 matcha every day and I’m so interested in that.

Collagen and Gangster Chic Brand Inulin They are my favorite things to add to drinks, especially tea, so I wanted to present to you 3 tea recipes where you can easily add a scoop of collagen to each one.

3 recipes for collagen tea

First, let’s summarize the benefits of collagen. To score, I like Vital proteins.

Collagen Benefits:

♡ It can improve skin health.

Known for its ability to support connective tissues such as ligaments and muscles.

♡ It can relieve joint pain.

It may prevent bone loss.

♡ Boosts burner health.

♡ It can reduce bone loss.

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Skinny Confidential’s favorite collagen tea recipes:


+ Pique Sun Goddess Matcha Tea (Use SKINNY code for 5% off)

Coconut Milk ( The original forest He is my favorite and Christine Cavallari)

Cinnamon stick

+1 scoop of collagen (again, love Vital proteins )

directione: Take this stand all over (except for the cinnamon stick – save it to insert into your mug for a perfect finish) and butter it into the foaming machine. If you don’t have a frother, you should get one. You cannot go wrong any of these.

♡ sports

Drenched Sports

+ A little bit of Unsweetened almond milk

+ 1 scoop of collagen

directione: Stir in almond milk and collagen together before pouring it into a cup of ice with Sporty. For more sweetness, add honey and lemon.

important point: To froth milk for cold drinks, just press and hold the main button of the frothing device. Some siblings have a hot button and a cold button, but if they don’t, try holding down the button until the blue light flashes. If your frother doesn’t do this or you can’t bother me, I’ve got you. Just catch yourself This little one.

Kourtney Kardashian’s own apple tea

+ 1 liter of water

+1 red apple (cut into quarters)

+ 2 Cinnamon sticks

+8 Full gloves

+ 1/4 teaspoon Turmeric

+ 1 cubic inch of ginger (sliced)

+ 1 handful of mint

+ 1 lemon

+ 1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom

+ 1 scoop of collagen

+ Organic Manuka honey

directione: Add water, apples, cinnamon sticks, cloves, turmeric, ginger, mint, and cardamom to a large saucepan. Squeeze half a lemon, then slice the other half into thin slices. Bring the pot to a boil, and reduce the mixture to a low heat for 10 minutes while it is covered. Add honey to the bottom of your mug, then strain the tea as you pour it (this makes two large cups).

While we are here, you should know about the most amazing and elegant mugs in the whole world. they Bodum double-walled clear glass mugs. Very elegant, very French, so essential when enjoying your favorite collagen formula. Like, I don’t even want to have tea if it’s not in this one.

In any case. Here you are! 3 recipes of winter wonderland tea that contain all the benefits of collagen. Love to know all your favorite tea recipes this season? Cheers.

Q, Lauren

+ Silicone straw To lift all your drinks.

++ How to create Healthy coffee full of fiber With my girlfriend Ingrid.

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