3 things I’m obsessed with right now


the other day Instagram StoriesI’ve posted some of my latest must-haves. Kind of a drag, if you will? You wanted to know more about some stuff, so… bippity-boppity-boo: We’ll discuss 3 specific things you have to test.

These are all things I’m a huge fan of k? Things that my family loves and things that I’m sure you will too.

Today’s itinerary is: buttery linen sheets for your summer dreams, the most soothing vibe ever, and a lint roll that won’t spoil your outfit.

On that note:

3 things I’m obsessed with at the moment:

Buttery linen sheets for your summer dreams:

these. I was using Brooklinen white linen sheets For as long as I can remember and can recommend them with all my heart because they are not only comfortable, they are great for guests, husbands, wives, kids, kids, dogs, cats – it’s the business. Everyone loves them.

These are our favorite Los Angeles and Austin cards. All my friends know about them (because I can’t be silent about them). It’s affordable, classic, elegant, and has over 90,000 amazing reviews (!!!).

Let me explain why these papers are the best ever:

+ 100% Linen

+ Breathable and lightweight

+ very soft

+ My Favorite: The fitted sheet comes with stickers on the ‘long side’ and ‘short side’, making making your bed a breeze

You should know that Brooklinen gives all TSC readers $20 off your orders of $100 or more with the code: Lauren. Literally buy two sets, one for your bedroom and one for the guest bedroom or for backup. Otherwise keep it as a backup set to yourself because they are crazy.

Other things I like brochin Are the classic towels and pink linen sheets. But if you’re buying a Brooklinen for the first time, I recommend plain white. You can’t go wrong and they really light up the room.

I make the soothing bells you’ll ever hear:

Many of you know that I love voice healing very much. I find it great for anxiety, and there’s just something about repeating beautiful sounds that calms you down. I know I’m not a psychopath because when I play sound receptacles, my baby and my dog ​​stop whatever they’re doing…just listen (which is a whole plot twist). And like Zaza, he knows how to play the bowls of sound now – ha.

Anyway, it shouldn’t surprise you that I started looking deeper and deeper into voice therapy and found it These beautiful and amazing bells. They are handcrafted at the foot of the Pyrenees and the craftsmanship requires specific tuning to play clear notes with rich undertones.

So, if you are looking for calm, these are the most beautiful and harmonious sounds you will ever hear. You can use it as a wind chime but I’m walking around the room with them for Zaza. She loves him.

Oh and “they” – yes I bought two. Believe me, you’ll be totally happy with one, I’m just an extra when it comes to relaxing sounds I guess?

The resonance is meditative and the sound is absolutely breathtaking – just so soothing. Great for yoga teachers, spa owners, facialists and of course moms who want to soothe their babies.

♡ Lint roller that does not spoil your clothes:

Well, prepare for something better than you can imagine. New and improved lint brush. This is correct. There’s nothing worse than using sticky lint roll on a brand new sweater and collecting a bunch of sweater wool.

(Who understands this!).

Every time I used a lint roller I felt like it was ripping my clothes off? After hunting I found this lovely wooden brush from Amazon – it’s cute and makes such a difference oh my gosh.

on the principle, This It has rubber bristles that attract hair and lint from your clothes. It’s very subtle but also cute. Of course it also removes fluff and dust.

Let’s talk about the handle because it’s beautiful – like beautifully oiled beech, it’s resistant to wear and tear so you can use it every day. It’s made in Germany and I find it very sustainable because you don’t throw away bits of hairy sticky paper multiple times a day.

To clean it, simply rinse it with lukewarm water, pat it with a towel and let it air dry.

It’s the only lint roller you’ll ever need: functional, beautiful, eco-friendly, and a rather cool thing to display. Most importantly, as we’ve discussed: It won’t spoil your favorite jacket.

So there you have it. The three things for now – things you’ll try and love.

If you get one thing, get Brooklinen Papers & Use code Lauren Get $20 off your order of $100 and more. you will love.

What have you guys grabbed this month? I would like to know below.

until next time,

S, Lauren

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+ This post is in collaboration with Brooklinen- As always, all opinions are my own.

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