5 tips from Jamie O’Banion on balancing work and family


5 tips from Jamie O'Banion on balancing work and family

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Recently we had Jamie O’Banion on audio notation And I wanted to share some of her tips on the blog with you. Because, as I always say, I want this blog to be your resource.

If you haven’t heard of Jamie O’Banion she is the founder and CEO of Beauty Bio, a clean skin care company that Expedition He “Get the most potent ingredients and pair them with potent natural extracts to bring you the most clinically formulated skincare range.” They are all aboutPut the power of in-office results in the palm of your hands.”

Not only is Jamie the complete BOSS, she’s also a wife and mother, so who better to give us tips on life lessons, work-life balance, and beauty?! Plus, it drops dead gorgeous.

Jamie shares many good podcast tips, but here’s a sneak peek at some of the best you need to know.

5 tips from Jamie O’Banion on balancing work and family

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5 tips from Jamie O’Banion:

on priorities and risks

TThere is no scenario in which you can achieve a certain level of greatness in what you seek if you are not willing to take some risks. When all is said and done, we take our memories and experiences with us. It’s great when there’s a monetary score, and that’s great. But there are victories. There are losses. If you weren’t, at least to me, centered on the things that really matter, you’d be blowing like a leaf in the wind. Because I have those priorities in that order of faith, family, and then work, when that’s good, that’s solid, and there everything else can be gradually.

About happiness in your work

For example, if you’re starting a cooking business, and you think it’s just going to be decorating cookies all day, then you realize that actually managing the people, scheduling, salaries, etc., you might not have the happiness you thought you would come out from him.

What is your goal with it? Is your goal to franchise her? Is your goal to love being in the kitchen? I’ve seen a lot of entrepreneurs follow their passion but then feel overwhelmed because they start to move, “Wait a second. I really enjoy the baking part of it but not necessarily the business management part.”

If you don’t have an inner passion and go after what you do, there will be no result that will give you the gasoline to keep going.

Scheduling time with your family

If you’re going to look at my calendar, I’m scheduling in time with my kids and husband as if it’s a board meeting, because if you’re not meant to be with your time, you’ll always have an extra meeting, stretch for another 15 minutes. Then things start to fall apart and these are your priorities, and I found that this is where I started to feel like I’m not feeling well on the inside. You have to be very intentional with the people you love.

at my mother’s fault

It shows that your heart and your priorities are in the right place. I think everyone has a different bandwidth. If you’re someone who has that passion inside of you, and you feel like a better mother, a better wife when you have that outlet, whatever it looks like, that’s great.

Balance is completely personal. You have to specify, but it’s okay if some days you feel like you’re crushing on her at work, sometimes crushing on her at home. I guess as long as you’re in that area. When I’m in my “mother zone,” I’m completely present with my kids.

Key to a Happy and Healthy Marriage for Two Entrepreneurs

Again, schedule time together. a Mutual respect for each other’s life calendar and trying to think of your relationship as an H-shaped relationship. Two solid columns connected to each other by the middle bar.

There you have it, a quick glimpse of some of the tips Jamie shared on her podcast episode. Make sure to scope out the podcast as it talks about her fitness, diet, and morning routine, plus there’s even more trading advice.

Listen to the secret slim podcast

Happy listening.

S, Lauren

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