5 ways to add a nutritious boost to your favorite foods


5 ways to add a nutritious boost to your favorite foods

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Recently our nutritional motto was “Yes…and”:YesI will enjoy my favorite foods because they are delicious and make me happy. And I will try to increase its nutritional value as well.”

Five of our current obsessions with food from the brands we love prove that enjoyment and nutrition don’t have to be opposites.

  1. Flavored sodas have helped many of us ditch sugary sodas. But now we are left to drink carbonated water which does not add anything to our diet. Kind of a missed opportunity, right? Then we found Shake, a fruity liquid that contains live probiotics that can help support gut health. With less than three grams of sugar per packet, it’s not too sweet, and the flavors of the true fruit come true. The berries and lemon are tart and delicious, and the juicy pear is mellow and fresh, but our favorite is strawberry and hibiscus because of their subtle floral undertones. It’s a refreshing way to complement your lunch, cool off in the late afternoon, or add some bubbles to dinner while supporting a healthy gut.

  2. Huzzah Raspberry & Lemon Huzzah, $13.99

    strawberry and hibiscus
    Shake, $14

    Shop now

  1. The taste of our favorite childhood cereal has been re-engineered using healthy ingredients – what a great find. Thanks to smart ingredients like whey protein and allulose, these cereals contain more protein and fewer carbohydrates per serving than conventional cereals and no sugar. It still tastes good in a way, and with nine flavors to choose from, there’s something for everyone (we’re into cocoa and frozen types). Suggested amenities include sleeping in pajamas and cartoons on Saturday mornings.

  2. magic spoon

    magic spoon
    The Magic Spoon, $40

    Shop now

  1. Siete always hears it. makes some of favorite chips and Ridiculously good vegan quesoWe appreciate her approach to making granular foods serve a number of nutritional needs without sacrificing taste. The brand’s first product was a grain-free tortilla, which is great, but compact and better suited for tacos. The launch of these burrito-sized tortillas has opened up the playing field. We’re talking about grain-free burritos, brunch rolls, and healthy homemade rolls (yes, who – which CrunchWrap – It’s a good concept that becomes a great thing when it’s made with better ingredients), and even that Tortilla virus TikTok hack.

  2. Set Grain Free Tortilla Burrito - 6 Packs

    Grain-free burrito size
    Tortillas – 6 packs

    Seven, $80

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  1. Our favorite Fresh, grain-free pasta It comes from Cappello, so we had a good feeling about this grain-free frozen pizza crust. It’s crunchy, nutty, chewy and not at all dough – everything Want a pizza. While there are ready-to-go pizzas, we love all the customization opportunities that come with the bare crust. Get a batch of these pies along with an assortment of DIY pizza party toppers that people of all food beliefs can enjoy.

  2. Naked Pizza Crust Cappello's, $9

    the hat
    Naked Pizza Crust
    Hat, $9

    Shop now

  1. Chocolate-covered walnuts are a top-notch snack for movie nights, road trips, and a dreaded 3pm slump. Now, We’re Realistic Snacks: We know candy is fun, and we’re not looking for a health miracle in candy coated Coincidence. However, we were impressed with Hu Chocolate’s almond lumps. It’s a dairy-free chocolate made with coconut sugar that’s the right balance between bitter and sweet. Plus, there’s sea salt, which makes every dessert even better.

  2. Hu Almonds + Sea Salt Hunks Hu, $49

    Almond + sea
    salt blocks

    Hu, $49

    Shop now

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