6 New Health Products Our Editors Use (Almost) Every Day


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Wellness editors spend their days discovering and testing new products—the best of which are made in the goop store. Here’s what sparked their interest this summer.

Jesse Jeffray

Jesse Jeffray

Senior Editor

  1. 1

    “Most people I know have had bad luck when they hear about my ongoing project to raise my vitamin D levels. It’s not very enjoyable, but you can’t argue that it’s unimportant: Vitamin D promotes healthy immune function, supports calcium and phosphorous absorption, and helps maintain Bone and Teeth Health.So I was thrilled—really, ask anyone—to discover this highly effective spray supplement, which provides nearly four times the daily value of vitamin D and saves me from having to swallow capsules, which I don’t enjoy. All you do is spray it in your mouth three times. Do this at lunch, because studies show that people tend to. 50% better vitamin D absorption With the biggest meal of the day.”

    Vitamin D spray from Nue Co.

    Company Nu
    vitamin d spray
    goop, $25

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  2. 2

    “This is a heavy blanket just for your shoulders—and if you spend a good portion of your day at the computer, like me, it’s your best friend at 3 o’clock when your neck starts to feel tense and heavy. It’s full of mud beads that cling to the heat. For when you want to take a break.” You can put everything in the microwave for a minute and then wrap it over your shoulders. The heat goes on for twenty to thirty minutes. I’ve heard it’s great straight out of the fridge too.”

    Ostrich neck warm wrap

    Hot Neck Wrap
    goop, $45

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  1. Jesse’s Choices for Deep Relaxation

  2. Chill out with infrared heat, crystals and pulse
    Electromagnetic field.

    HigherDOSE infrared mat

    high dose
    infrared mat
    goop, $995

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  3. Invitation to slow down in the form of a rollerball.

    Thought is a haven for slow emotions essential oil بطيئة

    Haram thought
    slow emotions
    essential oil

    goop $35

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Kelly Martin, Associate Editor

Kelly Martin

Associate Editor

  1. 3

    “Middle of the pandemic, when outright panic turned monotonous, I really got into the way essential oils can make my four old walls look new and different. I had a few combinations I’d drop in my diffuser first thing in the morning while my boyfriend was ready to go To the living room to work. Others were for simple activities, like settling in with a book and making it all ten pages before making a decision love island It was cooler all night. I have maintained the habit of aromatherapy. Lately, I’ve been talking about the vitruvi Uplift Kit, which comes with four blends of exhilarating, sweet, and luscious essential oils that smell like good summer ahead.”

    Vitruvian Lift Kit

    lifting kit
    goop, $48

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  2. 4

    “At first I had a hard time understanding how Lora DiCarlo sex toys work. A lot of them aren’t vibrating, which seemed like an odd choice for a vibrating company. But they’re smart: DiCarlo has sought to develop products that approximate human touch, human hands and tongues and the like—you might have noticed—not vibrate Which means the team had to Think beyond the concept of vibrator. Instead, they have developed more sophisticated robots that move the way an intimate partner moves. Take a look at the Carezza, which simulates a flicking finger by sliding a robotic tip in and out under a soft silicone surface. It has one simple control to adjust the speed, so it is easy to operate. It’s cute too – like a little gray egg. “

    Laura DiCarlo Careza

    Laura DiCarlo
    goop $140

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  1. Kelly’s Choices by Laura DiCarlo

  2. Onda makes a close movement like a finger
    against the vaginal wall.

    Laura DiCarlo then

    Laura DiCarlo
    goop $180

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  3. This is the clitoral stimulator for you if you like it
    swirling sensations.

    Laura DiCarlo Villari

    Laura DiCarlo
    goop, $150

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Dennis John, Senior Ph.D. Science Editor

Dennis John, Ph.D.

Senior Science Editor

  1. 5

    “When I focus, I get more done in less time. Which usually means I feel less fatigued at the end of the day and have more energy and attention for my five-year-old. Of course, I can always use more calm in my life too. That’s why I FocusCalm Enthusiast: Through programmed brain games and meditations, it helps me identify when I’m more focused and more relaxed so I can tap into those states more often. It helps me savor time with my baby. You can’t take that back.”

    BrainCo FocusCalm

    goop, $199

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  2. 6

    “A healthy immune system is key to overall health. This delicious chewing gum provides the immune support I’m looking for, and it lights up my supplement stockpile as well. It contains three key ingredients—elderberry, zinc, and vitamin C—and provides antioxidant support. I love that it’s a way to get Immune-Supporting Nutrients Beyond Perfect Softgels.”

    Hilma Elderberry Immunity Gummies

    immune gum

    goop, $25

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  1. Dennis’ choices for maintaining a healthy immune system

  2. High Potency Vitamin C Supplement in A
    Easy gel.

    Levon Labs Liposomal Vitamin C

    Levon Laboratories
    Vitamin C

    goop, $47

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  3. Soothe occasional sore throats with a little bit

    natural bee pollen spray

    natural beekeeper
    Propolis spray
    goop $14

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