9 brand new brands to stay on your radar


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9 brand new brands to stay on your radar

In the age of social media and shoppable posts, it looks like we never did Not Discovery. And while you can’t go wrong with certain online discoveries – like well-reviewed cookware or locally-themed candles – clothes are a whole different thing. For this reason, we’ve rounded up nine screened new arrivals who look better IRL than they do online.

  1. emery

    When Australian designer Anna McLaren realized that she couldn’t find a suitable pair of sandals for less than the cost of pushing a car, she decided to quit her job and fill this obvious gap in the market. Her first collection – a set of all-black sandals under $ 200 AUD (around $ 150 USD) – was a smash hit. And it’s not hard to see why: the simple designs are elegant and sophisticated (which we love) and don’t break the bank (which we love most). And while black will always be a McLaren calling card, it works in off white and gold as well.

    the left: Sandal emery,
    goop $ 180.

    Center: Sandal emery,
    goop, $ 170.

    Top right: Sandal emery,
    goop $ 140.

    Bottom right: Sandal emery,
    goop $ 130.

    1. Emery sandals

    2. Emery sandals

    3. Emery sandals

    4. Emery sandals
  2. Street. Reap

    Working closely with Indonesian craftsmen to design and produce their favorite sandals, Lara and Matt Fels launched this Byron Bay-based brand in 2014. Since then they have expanded into apparel, producing stylish and functional pieces made with minimal in mind. We especially love the bouffant tiered dresses – made with summer-friendly fabrics like linen and ramie and a refreshing organic cotton blend – that stretch from the office to outside of business hours effortlessly.

    Top: Street. AGNI Dress,
    goop, $ 305.

    Bottom left: Street. AGNI Dress,
    goop, $ 207.

    Bottom right: Street. AGNI TOP,
    goop, $ 139;

    Street. AGNI FLATS,
    goop, $ 202.

    1. Saint Agni dress

    2. Saint Agni dress

    3. Street.  Top agni

    4. Street.  AGNI FLATS
  3. Out of

    Stocked in Sag Harbor last summer and now available in our online store, Of Origin is an eco-friendly Ibizan brand that we loved at first sight. Its mission is simple: reduce waste where possible. Instead of importing materials, Of Origin manufactures its sandals using only what is available on the island – such as jute (a sustainable crop that requires minimal water, pesticides, and fertilization) and soft leather.

    from above: From the assets .OO. sandals,
    goop, $ 157;

    From the assets .OO. sandals,
    goop, $ 186;

    From the assets .OO. Slides,
    goop, $ 157;

    From the assets .OO. sandals,
    goop, $ 157.

    1. From origins

    2. From origins.  sandals

    3. From the assets .OO.  Slides

    4. From the assets.  sandals
  4. Road way

    Floating sizing, feminine details, and crunchy cotton poplin – Cara Cara makes the kind of cut that we look to wear when it all ends. (How adorable does grapefruit look in holiday photos?) With the brand’s fun prints, the brand also knows its way towards solid staple clothing pieces; The reimagined white button is worth adding to cart.

    How to wear,
    goop, $ 695;

    How to wear,
    goop $ 345

    1. How to wear
  5. Proenza Schuller White Label

    We’ve always been fans of wearing the easily-ready Proenza Schouler. (The subtly dressed dresses are earning the label’s best-store status, no doubt.) So when designers Jacques McCullough and Lazaro Hernandez set out to create a line of wearable, casual pieces specially designed for everyday life, well, you can imagine our joy. White Label meets the modern woman – who will be you – just where she is, with slouchy knitwear, sculpted tops, and wide leg pants all in a color palette that casually matches everything she owns.

    goop $ 350.

    Center: White Schuller jacket from PROENZA
    goop, $ 525;

    White pants, from PROENZA SCHOULER
    goop, $ 395.

    right: PROENZA SCHOULER White Poster Shirt,
    goop, $ 395;

    White pants, from PROENZA SCHOULER
    goop, $ 395.


    2. PROENZA SCHOOLER white shirt and trousers

    3. Sweatshirt PROENZA SCHOOLER white poster

    4. Proenza Schouler White Label Pants
  6. Here

    We’ve fallen in love with Hereu’s canvas bags with a round handle, which – in addition to being perfect for beach days, remote park hangings, and farmer’s market tasks – are also made by Spanish artisans who preserve the craft tradition. The brand’s shoes are equally beautiful and set unexpected twists on the classic styles (leather loafers get a back strap, and the flats draped with inspiration feel perfectly)

    from above: Download here,
    goop, $ 420;

    Download here,
    goop, $ 400;

    Here are the apartments,
    goop, $ 425;

    Here are the apartments,
    goop, $ 330.

    1. Download here

    2. Download here

    3. Here are the apartments

    4. Here are the apartments
  7. Little Levner

    Swedish designer Paulina Liffner launched her handbag collection in 2012, while she was still doing her day job in public relations. Tired of the seasonal accessory cycle, I focused on creating trend-defying investment pieces that you can keep forever – like the Sculptural Tulip Bag, Made in Italy that holds everything but the kitchen sink.

    from above: LITTLE LIFFNER TOTE,
    goop, $ 675;

    goop $ 650;

    goop $ 550.

    1. Download LITTLE LIFFNER

    2. Download LITTLE LIFFNER

    3. Small sling bag
  8. that

    After a decade in the fashion industry, Charlotte Hicks is starting to feel disillusioned about the fast-paced nature of consumption. My solution was to establish ESSE: a modern brand for the conscious shopper. Avoiding the traditional production calender, ESSE works on capsule assemblies instead. Every drop (there have been four so far) is all about stylish everyday dresses, pleated shirts, and menswear-inspired pants in neutral hues that work together and can be build upon over time.

    the left: Those pants,
    goop, $ 321.

    Center: This top,
    goop, $ 289;

    ESSE panties,
    goop, $ 321.

    right: This dress,
    goop, $ 556.

    1. This pants

    2. This dress

    3. That's the top

    4. ESSE trousers

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