A lot of things change now that we get the vaccine


Restaurant diary It is a weekly series with four different people working in the industry. Every week you’ll hear from one of them: wine educator Kayla Bell, bartender-turned brand ambassador Jenny Feldt, farmer Kristen Leach, and chef Peter Stickler. Stickler shares here how the vaccine affects its function; Working in American Elm, The Denver restaurant where it operates; And customer behavior and how important trust is to success and safety. Read the entries for his first and second diary Here.

I got vaccinated this morning and am already feeling safer. I know that’s not exactly how the vaccine works, but I felt an immediate relief. I was so excited to get the shot – the first of two doses of Moderna – that I drove an hour to Greeley to get it. Restaurant workers were eligible to get it starting in mid-March here in Colorado, and I’ve spent the past two weeks looking for an appointment. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Appointments are booked quickly, especially since many are qualified at the same time. Everyone in the restaurant, especially our general manager, has been good at sharing resources and alerting us to industry vaccination events, but the timing never worked for me.

As far as I know, everyone in the restaurant plans to get vaccinated. Many of them already got one dose from Johnson & Johnson, so there is a growing sense of safety associated with that. However, I am wary of talking about lifting the mask (Editor’s note: Governor of Colorado The mandate of the mask was recently extended For a majority of the state for another 30 days). It looks like we’re very close to getting over this, and I want everyone to be as safe as possible for it to be over. I see confidence as a core value in this industry and in this job. Our kitchen staff come to work every day, and it is based on trust – trust that we are working properly with each other and trust that customers in the dining room follow the rules, take responsibility, and keep us safe at work. It’s mutual. I’m glad we’re at American unless we relax the rules. We still do daily temperature checks and COVID testing for employees, and keep the mask authorization for employees and dealers until it is completely clear that it is not necessary anymore. I think that’s the most responsible thing to do, at least during the spring and summer.


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