A Short Lesson In Cylinder Locks


This week we give you a short lesson in cylinder locks. Most front and rear doors of a building have a cylinder lock because it is one of the safest locks. Are you curious about how such a lock works and which types exist?

What Is A Cylinder Lock?

A cylinder lock is simply a lock with a cylinder containing pins that adapt to the key’s profile. The pins are pushed up or down by the key’s grooves, causing the lock to turn and open. There are three different locks under the heading of a cylinder lock: a mortise lock, a rim lock, and a multi-point lock.

Mortise Lock

The mortise lock is the best-known type of cylinder lock often used in a front door or an interior door of a home. This lock is fully incorporated in the door, except for the door handle, and owes its name to the fact that the lock is inserted into the door at the end. A hole is milled in the door into which the mortise lock box is fastened so that it is firmly attached to the door.

Support Lock

A rim lock is located on the inside of the door and is therefore visible. Only the cylinder of the lock is incorporated in the door. Instead of a door handle, a rim lock has a pull on the inside to open the door, and on the outside, there is often only a static doorknob. A cylinder lock is incorporated in the rim lock, which requires a key to open the door.

Multi-Point Lock

The name says it all: a multi-point lock closes at several points. This type of lock often consists of three or five points where the door closes in the latch bolt. There are two types of multi-point locks: cylinder-operated and crank-operated. When the lock is cylinder operated, turn the key in the cylinder to open all three locks. Is the lock handle used? Then you close the multi-point lock by pushing the door handle up (locked) or pushing it down (open).

Questions About Cylinder Locks?

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