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Assume you’re unfamiliar with Air Density and Elutriation technology, which uses Air Density technology to separate bi-product materials.

Air conveying systems, centrifugal feeder bowls, and stepper/linear portion feeders are among the products offered by this company. The system allows for product transportation and accumulation without jamming or injury. Compressed air or air from motor-driven fans may be used in the tracks. Pharmaceutical, automobile, electronics, cosmetics, food and beverage, packaging, rubber, glass, steel, building, and metalworking industries are among the industries served.

Within the bulk material processing industries, the number of applications for different forms of Elutriators and Elutriation Technology is only surpassed by the number and level of benefits the technology provides.

Let’s say you’re not familiar with the concepts of Air Density and Elutriation. In that case, you can see how our proprietary Air Wash and Dedusting System applies Air Density technology to the application of bi-product material separation in the animation below.


Conveying that is both smart and versatile, ensuring that the line runs smoothly. To transfer goods through the line as quickly as possible, we provide a wide range of creative and dependable conveying and product handling systems.

With a savvy supplier by your side, you can relax.

Our equipment experts will develop a highly efficient conveying device that will help you achieve your overall operational goals.

Benefit from the versatility of the designs.

We have a wide range of designs and choices to fit your needs.

Do remember to keep sanitation in mind.

With designs that integrate essential hygienic values, you can follow the highest hygiene requirements and clean easily.


Air Conveyance Systems, the leading manufacturer and supplier of air density separation and elutriation systems and technology, is pleased to announce the launch of its new website.

Air Conveyance Systems is a company based that develops, manufactures, distributes, and installs the most advanced bi-product material air separator and elutriation technology, known as the patented Air Wash. Clients benefit from their technology, systems, and advisory services in a broad range of industries and sectors.

  • A closed-loop system prevents dusting
  • Suitable for complex plant layouts and materials that are less fluidizable.
  • Systems that are ready to use right away, with no need for alignment or trials.
  • Systems that are robust, user-friendly, and need little maintenance.
  • When compared to mechanical transfer, longer conveying distances are possible.
  • Fewer breakdowns and a single point of maintenance
  • Relation to a single point of utility (air, electricity)
  • No need for a storage hopper with an online transfer system.
  • The vessel must be installed in a very limited assembly space/footprint.
  • Major civil works/foundations, etc. are being phased out.
  • Long distances and various locations are no problem.

Mechanical conveying devices such as belt conveyors/screw conveyors/bucket elevators/goods lifts have historically been used to handle solid, granular, and powdered materials. With the assistance of air or an inert gas traveling through a closed conduit, this newer definition transports solids in a fluid state.

Groundbreaking material handling solution developer and provider

We created and are constantly improving a separation system that assists the industry in converting scrap into usable and marketable goods. Since 1999, Air Conveyance Systems has been developing and refining technologies for bulk material handling and processing.

Our technology can also help your facility reduce labor and maintenance costs by reducing manufacturing time and processing costs. Recycling, automotive, textile recovery, wood processing, and agricultural processing are some of the most common industries in which we work.

Our technology, known as the “AirWash,” vacuums ground material, spins it around and then separates it into its various components using various air density levels. It’s a little more complex than that, but you get the idea, and it works wonderfully.

What separates our technology from other elutriation systems in the world today is that it will have few moving parts, is dust-free, can perform several functions at once, and operates at a much better efficiency.

In the end,

Our Air Wash System is exceptional in that it can enhance the efficacy and productivity of a bulk material processing system, resulting in increased company production and, as a result, sales and income, thus decreasing the incremental costs usually associated with increased production.

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