Airy Crunchy Potato Chips (3 ingredients only)


Air Fryer chips are chip lovers’ dream come true! Now you can have all the chips, and none of the guilt!

Potatoes and air fryers were supposed to go together. Air frying makes the best Baked potato, fried potato And the “Toasted“Potatoes will ever get you!”

Air fryer potato chips on a plate.

Homemade potato chips

First of all, yes, the crunchy potato chips will take some time. But yeah, it would be worth it! Anything homemade tastes better, than homemade Spice taco to me Pancakes pop, They are very good! These potato chips are no exception. Crunchy, crunchy, and a little salty, these chips will make it to the place!

Air fryer making chips is a game-changer for snacking. Although they need a good splash of oil for air frying, it’s far better than anything store-bought. All flavor, crunchy without the extra fat. These crunchy chips will amaze your family and friends. You have to try them!

Ingredients for the best air fryer potato chips

Few ingredients are needed to make air-fried potato chips. So simple. There’s nothing you can’t say about it, no preservatives, just good healthy flakes!

  • Burgundy potato: This recipe requires 2 medium size, feel free to double it if you like.
  • Olive oil spray: You can also use a canola oil or avocado spray.
  • sea ​​salt: I love the way this sticks well to the potato chips.

Making potato chips in an air fryer

These potato chips are not difficult at all, they take very little time. But they deserve it. Air fryer chips are so good you won’t believe they’re homemade.

  1. slice: Using a mandolin, cut the potato into thin slices. You can also hand cut potatoes to make sure they are thin.
  2. soak: Soak the potatoes in cold water with ice for 15 minutes, then drain. Then dry it with a paper towel.
  3. Put it in an air fryer: Spray the bottom of an air fryer with olive oil spray. Place the potatoes in an even layer in the air fryer so that they do not interfere. Spray the top with olive oil spray, then spray with salt.
  4. Air Fry: Cook at 360 degrees for 10-15 minutes. Check the potatoes after 5 minutes and stir every 5 minutes until golden. Garnish with parsley and sprinkle with more salt if needed.

Soak potato slices in water.

Why do I need to soak potatoes?

Soaking potatoes before frying in air or even deep frying with fat is actually common. Allow excess starch to wash away from the potatoes. This, in turn, ensures that the french fries or chips do not stick together and reach the maximum crunchiness.

It is also important to use cold water. Warm or hot water can activate starches, making them sticky and sticky. Soaking also helps with oxidation, which can turn potatoes brown.

Dry the potato slices with a paper towel.

Tips and varieties of crunchy potato chips

  • dry: Make sure the potato slices are completely dry. This way it isn’t steamed first, it’s just cooked and cooked!
  • check it: As you inspect them, make sure to remove anything that’s finished, so that they don’t burn while the others finish crunching.
  • Thinner is better: If you have a mandolin, use it, and it will make sure it is good, even, and fluffy. If you don’t, you can still make these potato chips. Try to keep the slices as even as possible. It will be thicker so feel free to cook it a little longer.
  • Potato: Use Russets, Yukon, or Golden potatoes for best results. Red potatoes contain a lot of starch to get them good and crisp.
  • oil: Make sure the oil is high in smoke, and canola and avocados are good options. Avoid aerosol-type sprays with additives, as they can stain an air fryer over time.
  • Variations of flavor: Every time I turn there is a new flavor of potato chips. Feel free to experiment with your own flavors. Add barbeque seasoning, ranch, chili or chili powder. Even make your own cheddar potato chips with cheese powder. Tasty! Put the flavors on the potato chips once they finish cooking.

Sprinkle the potato slices in an air fryer with oil.

The potato chips storage is easy to use

These will easily store. Prevent them from accumulating moisture. Keep it in an airtight plastic container for best results at room temperature. I recommend taking it straight away so, so, so good!

Air Fryer Potato Chips are stacked & ready to eat.

More popular air fryer recipes you can try!

Air frying is a new way of cooking! It’s essentially a convection oven that fits your counter. Since it uses circulated air to do all the “frying” it is healthier for you. You don’t need to add a lot of extra oil or swim in your food to get that crunchy crust. Cooking with an air fryer is also a faster way to cook. You have to try these tried-and-true recipes the next time you take out your air fryer!

Air fryer potato chips

Preparation time 5 Session minutes

Cooking time 15th Session minutes

Total time 20 Session minutes

author Alyssa collapsed

Servings 4 Persons

Air Fryer chips are chip lovers’ dream come true! Now you can have all the chips, and none of the guilt!

  • 2
    medium size
    The potato is burgundy
  • Olive oil spray
  • sea ​​salt

Serves: 4

Calories84Calories (4%)Carbohydrates19G (6%)protein2G (4%)Fat1G (2%)Saturated fat1G (5%)sodium5MgPotassium444Mg (13%)the basic1G (4%)sugar1G (1%)Vitamin A1IUVitamin C6Mg (7%)Calcium14Mg (1%)iron1Mg (6%)

All nutritional information is based on third party calculations and is only an estimate. Each recipe and nutritional value will vary depending on the brands you use, the methods of measurement and portion sizes for each household.

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