All the cute pastel clothes I wore in France


All the cute pastel clothes I wore in France

good morning !!

This post is fresh from the plane from France. Michael, Zaza and I have just returned from Cap Ferrat, Saint Tropez and Antibes.

A 16-hour travel day with a toddler is no joke, but we’ll get to that. I’m going to do an entire podcast about the situation. Because, believe me, it’s an attitude. There was a lot of bribery that means a lot of This is it! Apple Snacks.

The only thing a lot of people were talking about was my clothes. As always, I just want to have some kind of fashion file and resource here for you guys. In this post, you will get links to all the clothes you have worn along with a set of photos.

If you want to see more outfits and flight, check out Instagram Highlights – there are two – one with baguette and the other with a French flag. How appropriate!!

All the cute pastel clothes I wore in France

My clothing selection for this trip was very thoughtful and purposeful. I wanted the whites, pastels, and linens, and I was sure I matched the zaza as best I could. Everything was oversized for a refreshing feel, and each outfit was styled with huge sunglasses and cute little bracelets.

The white Bottega Veneta slices deserve a special shout out. I wore them every day. of the trip and they deserve it. It’s an investment for sure but they honestly saved my life. It was so easy to “slip on” and they went with every outfit.

Anyway, we had a great time in France but I’m so full Swimming poolPasta and artichokes. I ate a lot of dreaded artichokes.

With that, let’s get into my French looks.

What to wear in France in summer

The best pieces to wear in France:

Mint green oversized satin shirt

Linen striped blouse

Fun sunglasses with a touch of gold

Classic swimwear that flatters your breasts

Buttery small crossbody bag

The white slides of your dreams

Versatile strapless dress for any time of the day

Very elegant layered white dress

Transparent cover flowing on the beach

Silk White Pants You’ll Live In

Oversized black sunglasses that go with everything

Extra large linen shirt

Comfortable sports shorts, pastel, high waist

Cute clothes to wear in France

Let me know if you have questions. I am happy to respond to anything and everything. If you liked this post check out my capo notebook For Tons of Breakdowns and Versatile Vacay Bits. Think the best travel/arrival dress, neon bikini and silk two-piece set you’ll never take off.

Stay tuned for the post that will be published next week about the looks of the French girl in Zaza. &, if you are going to make an investment, I highly recommend the white Bottega Veneta chips. They are very good.

See you soon !

S, Lauren

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++ How to drink Swimming pool Like all French girls.

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