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The Skinny Confidential talks Asia.

Oh Im G, where do I even begin ?!

You guys know SLASH OBSESSED has captivated the way the lymphatic system is Works. On top of that, Dry brushing It became a daily routine for me. This process is very stimulating and invigorating (especially in AM).

Anyway, for the past year and a half I’ve been reading about manual lymph drainage massage. Here’s the weird thing to me: The idea of ​​someone touching my lymph nodes makes me really dread.

I do not know why.

(You know how you have weird and weird nonsense that you don’t like? For example, I hate (hate hate hate) getting out of the bathroom if there are stray bristles on the floor / mat. GOOSEBUMPS. Walking on random whiskers) is the equivalent of walking through a trench of 23420 A crocodile, a million sharks, my eyes shut. It just gives me my hippie pocket.)

If you are a stranger to my crow, don’t worry – I regularly distract myself.

And therefore. Lymph nodes, lymph fluid, and lymph vessels. To me, she’s kinda unknown and very tender, so the thought of a stranger touching her … gets me pissed off.

But I heard so many unbelievable reviews about manual lymph drainage massage that has been said to improve circulation and reduce swelling, and I thought Asia was the perfect place to try it (they seem to be known for this specific massage). When we got to Hong Kong I didn’t feel too hot. I’ve been working nonstop around the clock, not sleeping well, and definitely sniffing or ten.

So I booked a lymphatic drainage massage.

Holy massage.

Well, I’ve had a lot of massages due to my constant neck pain. When I was nineteen years old, I participated in the Horrible car accident, horrible Where the other driver t-boned us so hard. Since then I’ve been stuck with a side lash skin. Medical massage He was my best friend.

This massage though?

These massage techniques were different.

This massage was weird.

This massage was amazing.

Here’s how the procedure works: Lie down, face down … as usual, the masseuse gently massages the lymph nodes with light pressure. It’s not a deep tissue massage like I usually prefer but the after effects were so crazy that it was worth every second.

Imagine this: It was a couple’s massage. Michael is next to me getting a head massage (take that mind off gutter, he’s been massaging his scalp by a burly guy). After massaging the lymph in my legs and arms, the masseuse turns me over and starts at the bottom of my eyes. At this point, I’m so relaxed that I’m falling asleep, and I’m completely snoring. With four people in the room. Michael then told me that he could not relax and it appeared that a wild animal was by his side.

Mmmmmm, sexy.

Back to massage details: She massages under my eyes gently, through my eye socket and the sides of my eyes. I am dead asleep. Suddenly, I woke up to a flow. There is a drainage of toxins all over my body (it was an orgasm-like flow – like endorphins running through the body). The sinuses were drained immediately. I also felt the liquid drained (by the way guys, we’re in the process of getting authenticity in this post, not sexy and sexy) from my eyes to my body. I couldn’t believe it.

Then, I had a full coughing fit on the massage table (PS Michael is still in the room trying to get a relaxing head massage while snoring, snoring and coughing … the masseuse knew this was almost going to happen because she had a bottle of water in hand. I drank everything then had to Waking up instantly to urinate.

Like on the spot, right away.

When the lymph massaging was done I asked her a billion questions:

Why did you cough?

Why did I have to urinate?

What was drained?

What are the effects?

How long is this at the end?

And OMG that was amazing !!!

Basically she said coughing was a normal reaction after the lymphatic system drained. It is completely natural and the body releases toxins. Immediate need to urinate? Even more natural. When you get a lymph drainage massage, it flushes out toxins, releases them, and moves fluids through the kidneys. Drainage is made of accumulated fluid so it reduces water retention. And the effects are to detoxify the system while instantly removing the puffiness under the eyes as if it were stretching my skin. Even so, it’s crazy. The effects last for about a month. And how often can you do this? She said once a month, you’ll be fine. Massage is known to ease any levels of pain and can reduce swelling.

Get this: After that I didn’t have any puffiness under my eyes. You know how in the morning your eyes are swollen? None, zip, zero. Plus I was very relaxed in an active way (if that makes sense) and felt detoxing.

Naturally, everything in the eye was just magical because it was like a little balloon popped under my eyes. I went online and saw an article on Kate Middleton’s Dark Circles stating that the lymph drainage would really help her under her eyes. Strange right? If the princess needs a lymph drainage massage, then I need a lymph drainage massage more way. laughing loudly.

It also flushes out toxins from under the arms, legs, pelvic area and neck. Ah, I love detoxing.

By the way, I heard that this massage is ideal for people who have just undergone surgery. It is believed to boost the immune system. You can read more Here. This is not a substitute for cancer treatments. So if you have breast cancer, please consult your doctor before doing this.

If you do not have access to a massage therapist or lymph drainage massage, follow This tutorial is on YouTube How about doing this at home and Dry brush (If you get one thing from the Skinny Confidential Dry Brush!).

Did I mention that I love Asia? It is a special place.

Send love from Phuket! xx

FYI: If you know anything about lymphatic massage, please give me more information. I am clearly not very experienced with this type of massage and am really interested in learning more. x

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