Anyone who eats at restaurants now needs a mask lanyard


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Of all the awkward choreography we’ve learned in the last year, my least favorite so far is the impractical fumbling dance of my face mask whenever I see a server approaching my table. Even though I’m in Philadelphia, where I live, you don’t have to be masked when interacting with servers, for me it’s a matter of simple human respect. Being in close proximity to many people It is their source of livelihoodAnd, if I am going to be dining out, showing my respect for the health and well-being of restaurant workers is a no-brainer (as is the case). Tips heavily).

To quickly conceal, there are a few moves that have popped up: First, there’s the chin strap, where the mask gently covers the lower part of the wearer’s face, like some kind of deceiving facial hair. There is also an Ear Hang, in which the mask loosens from one ear and hangs on the other. Lap Grab involves diner retrieving the mask and quickly placing it at the server’s first signal. The reaction time inevitably slows with the wine flow. Worst of all is the thieves’ napkin, as the unmasked dinner frightens and covers his face with his handkerchief – a handkerchief the back waiter will have to clean later.

All of these moves are stressful and somewhat embarrassing. As an alternative, I began to use Rope maskWhich quickly became my first pandemic supplement. A mask cord is a simple tool – just a wire that fits into the mask loops so that it hangs around your neck when you remove it. Think jokes, but for your mask. My favorite mask, This adjustable fabric number is from Tom Bihn, Has a built-in rope, but for any of my other masks, I only attach one of these masks Elegant chains From Etsy Sun Stori Store. Sunstory founder, Tory Taylor, 9 years old, It also makes Customizable beaded lanyards Allows you to infuse emotions like “R-vaccines are safe” or “no chinsticks”.

Putting a mask around my neck is much more effective than putting it in my pocket or digging into my bag in a panic when I got to the grocery store and realized I didn’t grab one from the hook next to the door. As an added bonus, a string or embroidered mask cord adds a bit of sparkle to my heavy-duty wardrobe. The compliments I receive on my own make it worth the price of acceptance. They are so cute, in fact, that I noticed my family members stealing my lanyards for their own use. I recommend ordering the extras.

With my rope dangling around my neck, I removed the horrible mask choreography that I hated for as long as possible (or since March 2020, which is the same). Even now that I have had the vaccination, I would expect to put on and take off my mask while eating a meal at a restaurant for a longer period of time. During a period of ever-changing safety guidelines and rolling out patchwork shots, I’ve never felt more important to pointing to servers that I understand hospitality is a two-way street – and if I can do it with a few shiny accessories, even better.

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