Are Bounce Houses Safe For Adults? First Things To Know


We have bounce houses in our yard that we set up and take down for the kids, but what is the most appealing aspect? My wife and I were wondering if we were allowed to jump in the bounce houses too. I have an answer after conducting extensive research and testing on our own.

The majority of bounce houses are suitable for adults without the fear of causing damage. There are still some smaller bounce houses that may not be suitable for adults. Smaller bounce houses weren’t designed for an adult’s weight and max occupancy, which meant they had lower weight limits and a smaller space.

If an adult is going to be bouncing on your bounce house, look out for a couple simple things. If you are interested, you may also want to learn how many adults your bounce house can accommodate at one time.

Adult Bounce Houses

Adults can usually jump on most medium- to large-sized bounce houses. Occasionally you may think you will be alright as long as you don’t exceed the weight limit. The weight limit on the bounce house isn’t the only problem. The bouncer is much more likely to be tripped by an adult than by a child.

Thus you want to ensure the bounce house’s weight limit exceeds the weight of the adult, plus any additional strain. Whenever I jump into bounce houses I tend to double my weight just in case there’s a weight limit to exceed my weight.

If your bounce house can withstand an adult jumper or two, it was designed to work with 900 lbs or above weight limits.

An adult jumper bounce house is made out of stronger material, and it is held together with a higher quality of stitching. More durable bounce houses are more expensive since they allow adults to jump in them.

Consider whether you should anchor the bounce house more than usual when setting it up for adults to use. Most serious bounce house injuries occur when bounce houses aren’t properly anchored down. By using adults as jumpers, the bounce house will tilt and drop more easily.

You should not bounce in a bounce house if you’re an adult.

It isn’t just for kids to jump in bounce houses. Typically, these are the smaller units you can fit in your home. It is not a good idea to let adults jump into anything under 10′ X 10′.

You can tell if you have too many users by the bounce house deflating quickly. When an adult starts using a bounce house for the first time, this will occur. You should make sure that bounce houses are not damaged by adults because they may damage the bounce house material or seams.

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Here’s one perfect example of children’s bounce houses. If an adult tried it, they would most likely break it or probably pop it.

A bounce house should also not be used by adults and children at the same time. When young children can’t jump on their own yet, some parents prefer to jump with their children, and that’s fine. I’m talking about jumping normal with children around you, as all if you dropped your head on the bounce house the smaller kids would be a little sore.

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