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Dear Caitlin, Now that I’m fully vaccinated, I look forward to hosting dinner parties this summer. But honestly, I might not be able to do my best as I used to – his social stamina just wasn’t the same as it was before last year. Do you have any tips to keep it cool and easy without missing out on the fun? – Julie

Dear Julie, I am there with you! After hosting my first post-vax event (outdoor birthday lunch for four), I was amazed. I forgot how much entertaining work could be. I’ve always gravitated towards an informal, laid-back atmosphere when hosting – which tends to comfort your guests and reduce work for you – and I think this strategy can serve us as well as we make our return to the world of meetups and dinners. Here are some ideas that may help.

Simplified rendering group

The Falcon Enamelware baking set is really great for baking – it’s oven, stovetop, and even freezer safe. But describing it as a baking set sells my favorite use of this five-piece set, which serves as serving tools for your outdoor entertaining. The timeless enamel look has a great camping atmosphere. And the pans are durable and lightweight, so no one will have to be too precious about passing peas. The enamel coating may peel a little over time, but the pans will still be safe to use, and these imperfections will give a personal and lively feel. I use it to go straight from the oven to the table, like chicken, lasagna, or grilled vegetables. Or use them as serving dishes for cold salads or even small sides, like sauces and pickles – the variety of sizes in this group make them especially useful. And yes, these work well for pastries, too. Cobblers, pies, biscuits, cakes – all can be cooked and served in enamel pots.

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High impact menu for low lift

Nobody wants to be upset about eating so many dishes at once while you are hosting. Prepare for success by getting a mix of homemade, pre-prepared, non-cook or store-bought items. If your menu is from the Mediterranean, for example, focus on a great main dish like kofta, falafel, or shawarma, and maybe do a simple side like grilled vegetables or a salad. Good olives and flatbreads can be bought at the store and require no cooking, and dips like hummus and tzatziki can be prepared ahead of time or bought in the store again.

Hinge DIY bar

This DIY bar is super fun for guests, especially if you go the extra mile to have all the tools around. Thankfully, all of this can be done early on and eventually free you from having to make drinks all night. Set a table with a variety of spirits, mixers, myrrh, tonic, snow, some beers, and a few different bottles of wine. Create a mixing station with a shaker; Small dishes filled with olives, onions and cherries; And a bowl of citrus fruits, with a paring knife and cutting board. Fresh herbs like mint and basil are lovely additions to the mix, too. A couple of thoughtful toppings: put together a cocktail book or print some cocktail recipes for inspiration. Both reusable toothpicks and straws will also be helpful. Oh, and don’t forget a small bowl of scrap for the citrus peelings.

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