At home in Connecticut with Susanna Salk


Over the years, host Susanna Salk and I have inspired us in our video series just like I said they do. In this special episode, Susana invites us to her Connecticut country home to show how I have interpreted many of their unique approaches to inspire you to perhaps do the same.

As our video series grew and amassed a collection of over 100 episodes featuring top designers and tastemakers around the world, it so happened to us that a print set could be in order. So, I am delighted to share with you that a book, to be published next year, is in the pipeline, as Susanna describes, “kind of a reverse path to the video series: taking some of our favorite visits over the years and distilling them back into static images and giving them a chapter of their own and adding my memories.” Some words of wisdom from Susanna’s introduction are the perfect clip for this video as well.

Susanna Salk TV room, Connecticut“I always preach to others the idea of ​​plagiarism when it comes to design because it’s never a straightforward translation: If you like the salmon color Timothy Corrigan painted in the dining room of his mansion in France, try it in the guest bathroom of your apartment in Chicago. If the terrazzo tile floor is Bani William The custom design in her Manhattan kitchen dazzles you but is beyond your budget, so consider your own design stencil to bring your design to life.Are you obsessed with how Alexa Hampton creates a landscape visible through her collections of classic treasures but not an experienced collector? In fact, you haven’t collected anything Yet? Buy three of something you love. There: You start assembling the way you did.

Susanna Salk Sun Terrace BarBut what I did not expect was the contagious power of the home designers of my youngster. No how far we drove and how long it took to get home, I always walked away. My cup of inspiration was full and I somehow had to pour it somewhere in my own room.

Entry of Susanna Salk, ConnecticutI returned after photographing in some of the coolest English cottages and bought a ceramic flower vase from a local consignment store for $ 25. I would have walked beside him before. I loved how Johnson Hartig installed his luxurious Schumacher trompe l’oeil wallpaper of the blue and white plates behind his stove that I immediately ordered an apron and then cut and tidied it myself as soon as I got home, complete with thumbtacks.

Connecticut Kitchen Susanna Salk -1This visual gratification always makes a leap for me: If I have an emotional response when I see other people living with something I love, why not treat myself to seeing something similar every day? “While all of these photos are from Susanna’s pretty Connecticut country house, you’ll have to watch the video to see where the inspiration comes from each. So, happy watch, fear not and don’t hesitate to plagiarize.

Susanna Salk Connecticut Pool and BarnAll photos by Stacey Buickis for Quintessence

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