At home in Tangier with Jimmy Creel and Marco Scarani


World travelers, collectors and discerning shopkeepers, Jimmy Creel and Marco Scarani, the duo behind the stylish New York City design destination Creel and Gao, Immediately fond of Tangier, the charming coastal city in North Africa that has enticed generations of writers, artists and designers. After years of visiting his friend and famous interior designer Charles Sevigny at his historic Moroccan home, Dar Zero, they purchased the house in the unique arrangement that Charles had stayed in throughout his life – he passed away last year at the age of 101. Please join me and Susanna for a private visit with Jimmy and Marco in their elegant home in Tangerine.

At one of the highest points in the Kasbah, the historic center of Tangier, Dar As-Safir occupies a unique place in the city’s history. Adjacent to the 16th-century York Castle, it was owned and renovated by Charles and his partner Yves Vidal, Creative Director of Knoll International in the 1960s.

At home in Tangier with Jimmy Creel and Marco Scarani via QuintessenceThe original structure, including the enchanting patio above, with its old fig tree, and much of the furnishings, still stands, like the red mesh chairs of Charles’ design, below. The second shot shows they surround the Knoll Saarinen table in the breakfast area.

Design Charles Sevigny chair at Dar Zero in Tangier via Quintessence

Dar Al Zero in Tangier via QuintessenceOver the years, Jimmy and Marco have made delicate renovations and additions that echo Charles’s simple evolution and pay homage to Moroccan craftsmanship and style. The recently expanded roof overlooks the house and rooftops

At Home in Tangier with Jamie Creel and Marco Scarani-1

And outside the Strait of Gibraltar, confirming the allure of Tangiers’ waterfront, with access to both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

At Home at Dar Zero in Tangier with Jimmy Creel and Marco Scarani via Quintessence

Including an adjacent house, Marco created a new warm room in the basement that integrates finds and mainly Moroccan tapestries from friends Lisa Fine.

Jimmy Creel and Marco Scarani in Tangier via Quintessence

They recently added a garden room behind, open to the roof, for the ability to entertain outdoors during often windy evenings.

A garden room at Dar Zero via Quintessence

Marco worked with local artisans to create a seamless transition between old and new. You can also see more Dar Zero at Niccol Castellini BaldessiraWonderful folder Inside Tangier.

Dar Zero Garden Room via QuintessenceAll photos above are by Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence

Much of Dar Zero reflects the aesthetic vibes found in the Creel and Gow store of the duo in New York City, which we are proud to be our patron of the video.

Creel and GaoOn a beautiful leafy block in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, this boutique jewelry box celebrates the power of nature in the decorative arts. Like a closet of curiosity, Jimmy and Marco are happy to travel the world for unique discoveries for their loyal fans.


It is a rare mineral

Proven salts and vessels of krill, amethyst atmosphere, quartz pellets and amethyst pellets installed

To corals, taxidermy (from responsible sources), unusual decorative objects

Corals and Decorative Objects in Creel and Gow


Tabletop in Creel and Gow

Jewelry, art, decor and much more, always featured in the coolest window screens by Marco who is the creative director.

View window krill and gow

Whether you are looking for the unusual, wonderful, and exotic for yourself or that special someone, trip to Creel and GaoWhether in person or online, they are sure to meet your needs in style!

Krill and Gow window screenStore photos courtesy of Creel and Gao

So thank you Jimmy and Marco for welcoming me and Susanna into your beautiful and inspiring home. We love how you honor and extend the legacy at Dar Zero !!

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