Ayaka fans, Sayo personality details, and more


The Genshin Impact leaks have revealed new information about some of the upcoming Inazuma characters, including hobbyist Ayaka Kamisato. Ayaka was one of the most awaited Jinchin Impact characters, and according to previous leaks, she will be released before her birthday in September 2021. These professional personalities may mean that she can release her sooner than expected. Players can also read about Sayu, the anticipated character Inazuma Anemo Claymore, which was previously leaked. With Inazuma on the horizon, players won’t have much time to wait. What is Ayaka’s new hobbyists in Genshin Impact: Ayaka Kamisato received several hobbyists in the beta version of Genshin Impact which seems to give her an edge over the characters that were released so far. Previously, Ayaka’s rise stat was Cryo Damage, which is up to 28.8% at the 90th level. Now, with the latest change, it’s going up with Crit Damage up to 38.4%. This is a huge plus, as Crit Damage is one of the Genshin Impact’s most valuable stats, especially for Cryo’s character. This refinement may push Ayaka to an even higher level, as it is not currently known how powerful this character would be when stacked into 5 incredibly powerful stars like Ganyu or Klee. Also read: Ayaka’s banner may arrive at Genshin Impact before her birthday, according to a new leak # HappyNewYear, the first day of the new year is upon us, and Guuji Yae welcomes her first visitor to the shrine – the Lady of the Kamisato House. It is said that if one offers his respect for the gods, good luck next year # GenshinImpact pic.twitter.com/cuUijY78hV— Paimon (GenshinImpact) January 1, 2020 players also expect these fans means that Ayaka will be released sooner than expected. Previously, characters like Xiao and Eula received improvements during the beta, then it was released during the next update. If this is the case, then Ayaka might be released in Genshin Impact patch 1.7, which will be a big surprise to gamers. This is still not certain, but there is a good chance that it will happen. Sayu in Genshin Impact: Sayu is a leaked Anemo Claymore character who appears to hail from Inazuma, and players may soon meet her. It uses the child’s body type, which is currently unprecedented with the Claymore weapon, so it must have very exciting attacks and animations. Not much is currently known about this character, but it appears that she draws inspiration from both ninjas and tanuki. Tanuki are Japanese raccoon dogs known in folklore as impostors, and Saio may bring this play style to their abilities. Sayu has been referenced by Ayaka before, and it has been reported that she is a 4-star character, so it’s possible that she might appear on Ayaka’s banner. Players will have to wait for more information about this elusive character, READ ALSO: Genshin ImpactInazuma’s 5 Best Eula Compositions will bring a lot to Genshin Impact, and players won’t have to wait any longer for more information about this long awaited area. With the archipelago’s islands soon expanding, players will finally be able to take their first step towards Inazuma. Read also: Genshin Impact 1.6 leaks reveal Alice Sea Probe and Gramophone, two mysterious devices to come.


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