Barry Jenkins would pair vintage wines and soul food at his dream dinner party


you welcome in Dream dinner partyWe ask prominent personalities to describe exactly that: their dream dinner party.

Films directed by Barry Jenkins including moon light And the If Bill Street could speakIt was nominated for dozens of awards and won many awards, most notably the Oscar for Best Picture. His latest projects, Underground railway, A series for Amazon studios, is Based on Coulson Whitehead’s novel, Himself a Pulitzer Prize winner. But we’re not here to talk about accolades. We’re here to talk about dinner.

Who would you invite to your perfect dinner party and why?

Ms. Toni Morrison, Eileen Ahearn, W. [the actor] André Holland. Eileen was a lifelong friend of Mrs. Morrison. She works with James Baldwin’s estate, which was how she got the rights to adapt If Bill Street could speak. One of the first shows moon light It was a DVD that Eileen personally took to Mrs. Morrison. I heard Mrs. Morrison liked the movie. So I would like to take this opportunity to talk to her about this. The only thing I remember saying was that she thought Andre Holland was a dreamer.

Do any of your characters from a movie or TV get an invitation?

Yes, two characters from Underground railway: John Valentine, who has a vineyard in our photography, so he was going to bring some panjin wine, and mingo, his opponent on the show. They have this lovely Booker T. Washington – dynamic WEB Du Bois, and at a dinner party you want a little friction.

You have this mixture of literary giants, fictional characters and actors. what do you serve

Soul Food. It’s a way for me to bring some other people to the party. I used to have this roommate, Jesse Dubos. He made this fried chicken 12, 14 years ago by soaking it in water overnight and then frying it well. that was good. I’ll have Jesse get the fried chicken. Joy Macmillon, my editor Underground railwayAnd the Bell Street, And the moon light, From the south and makes the best cheeses. And my partner’s brother, Lulu, Anthony Wang, is a great chef here in Los Angeles. Lulu and Anthony make really great veggies.

You said a guest would bring great wine. What wine are you thinking about?

I became a wine lover during the pandemic. We had an excellent 1971 Barolo, Fontanafredda Barolo. And because I was born in 1979, our Heitz Cellar Napa Valley taxi has also served us.

What kind of table setting do you have?

We mostly use ceramics. We love the idea that someone handcrafted this thing we’re eating out of, and I’m in wine pots. We will choose a really nice crystal beaker. The color palette is warm and golden. Filaments and candles exposed.

What is the beginning of the conversation?

Lulu and I do these exercises where you sit on the other side of the other person and stare into their eyes for three minutes. We might silently start staring to break the ice. We’ve all been separated for so long that there’s almost this instinct to blow everything up on top. I want to be quiet at night.

Besides Moonlight, will you talk about any of your films?

Only if Mrs. Morrison wanted it. Other than that, I’d be curious to hear her opinion in the last year. We all take the word down to Mrs. Morrison.


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