Best Affordable White T-Shirt


Are you a fan of the perfect, buttery white t-shirts that fit a dream and are so affordable?

Well, I’ll let you into this little Los Angeles secret. You can get it on amazon.

A while ago I was in Pilates and a group of girls were talking about it These tees Which was just like James Pierce, but it wasn’t $ 1000. They said they all have a great white, black and olive color and you can wear them with anything.

Obviously I had to get some good time and there.

Like Pilates girls they have white, black and olive (very obsessed with olives). It’s only $ 18 and although it holds up after washing, I recommend doing it in a gentle cold wash so it doesn’t shrink, and dry off if you can.

They come in a crew neck and a V-neck and I get a medium size. You should know that you must wear deodorant with these shirts as they are very thin. Like, especially if you get gray, if you know what I mean. Shout to my favorites Eat and all cardamom and ginger Deodorant.

The stature is narrow but extendable. My Girlfriend Sasha is 5’10 ” and wears a Betsy Size 5’6 and wears an x-small size.

Like I said, those are just like James Pearce But it won’t break the bank. I’m telling you, these are the shirts of your dreams. They are very grateful, hug you in all the right places and comfortable autofocus.

Some reviews on Amazon say:

I definitely love this shirt !! I wish it came in more colors in my size. Fits beautifully and feels soft and buttery. It’s the perfect length to fit in but it’s not too tall. I will watch more colors!

I absolutely love this shirt … this is the third I have bought! I decided to try the small one because the medium fits well but is a bit loose, but it looks great either way.

I was heading to Florida for a weekend trip and needed some hard T-shirts to wear leggings. I ordered one in white and one in gray. Soft, see-through, and ladies’ compartment (gloves-fitted but not tight). Cool T-shirt. You will buy more.

High quality fabric. I am 5’6 “, 123 lbs, and medium is perfect for me. This is a very fine look. I wear a small T-shirt in a more relaxed way, but the little one will be too tight for me in this style. I’d like to have another one, but I agree with Others I wish it came in more colors!

The best shirt I have ever owned. So soft and perfect! She liked it very much and asked for two more colors! I could have ordered my regular size and they are average, but I love how the large size fits.

I hope you love these tees as much as my friends and I do. You really can’t go wrong.

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Q, Lauren

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