Bounce House Rental Companies Must Avoid These Common Mistakes:


There are many mistakes both seasoned bounce house rental companies and rookie bounce house rental companies make every day. Being honest with yourself can help you avoid repeating your mistakes and reducing your stress levels. In the first instance, I will work with new bounce house companies and then move onto existing companies.

1.  It is a mistake to choose the wrong bounce houses:

This includes some funny people, like these bounce house companies on Craigslist selling four-licensed (themed) bounce houses and getting out of the rental business. Only a select few people can go out themed bounce houses. Make sure you pick bounce houses and combos that are gender neutral. Buying a combo costs more, but renting them out is less expensive. A bounce house that has a slide is impossible to add to a combo. bounce houses are extremely unlikely to win over gender neutral bounce houses. The units most likely to be rented should be recommended at first. You can check out our bounce houses to see our mix of units

2.  Starting too big:

The first step toward renting bounce houses to parties is establishing a customer base. We cannot have a bounce house without potential customers. Add to your inventory first and build a customer base. Using the revenue earned versus personal or business loans will allow you to purchase new inventory. Additionally, starting small allows you to get to know the core of your operation. Making changes to a small operation is much easier and more cost effective than making changes to a larger one. I purchased three new bounce houses from China, for instance.

The lower prices helped me to overlook everything else when I heard about the pros and cons of buying bounce houses from China. The first bounce house I purchased used has remained in my possession to this day (it’s just sentimental, I guess). Those three new China bounce houses that I purchased eight years ago were 4 to 6 years old when we bought it. Rather than reselling them for business, I gave them to a charity. I did not purchase 20 items, but three. Experiences like that helped me grow and save money, too.

3.  Improperly drafting and signing contracts:

Legal and binding contracts are not all the same. Judges are always pro-consumer so there are always loopholes that can be found. Ensure your contract is written or edited by a law firm LOCAL to your area. A contract from a neighboring state might not be the same as one you use in your state. Make sure that no one, including yourself, can modify a contract by hand before it is signed. The contract is also tailored to some customers’ needs. Make sure to consult your insurance company before making any changes; their lawyers will read and approve any clients changes.

4.  Don’t rely on bigger companies to mentor you:

The advantage of this tool is that many companies don’t use it. We can read and view information about our industry in moonwalk forums available through them.

In addition, we may contact a small business not directly competing with us across town. They have made mistakes that have been resolved by seasoned companies. Their knowledge of the local customers can be of great service to you. Asking is the first step. Building alliances with other companies to share problems, ideas, and everything else around you is very helpful for seasoned companies. There is nothing better than two heads.

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