CallMeCarson’s grooming allegations are back to haunt streams after his latest tweet went viral


YouTuber Carson “CallMeCarson” King recently posted on Twitter a request for “more time” to respond to the “grooming allegations” made against him. In January 2021, Noah “Noah” and Travis “Travis”, two former lunch club members, Daniel “Keemstar” Kim, allegedly sent a text message to “underage girls”. Carson apparently told fellow lunch club members that he “sent sexual messages” to minors who were fans. The situation got worse when a 21-year-old woman named Sam leaked screenshots of Discord messages and accused CallMeCarson of “sending her inappropriate messages” when he was a minor. Regardless, CallMeCarson recently caught the internet’s attention when he posted the following tweet. Most users responded with calls to ‘un-character’ the internet altogether, give me a little more time 👍 – Carson (@CallMeCarsonYT) Jun 20, 2021 CallMeCarson tweets for the first time in months, asks for ‘more time’ The Lunch Club YouTube group disbanded in November 2020. The reason The advertiser is the COVID pandemic, although it was revealed on January 4, 2021 that CallMeCarson would return in March 2020 admitted to texting “underage girls”. This is supposed to be the reason for the dissolution of “The Lunch Club”. For more information on the allegations initially made against CallMeCarson by Noah and Traves, read the following article. * SERIOUS * CallMeCarson exposed for allegedly sending sexual messages to underage fans. 2 Previously members of The Lunch Club spoke to Keemstar and described how Carson admitted to having spoken inappropriately with underage fans in March of 2020. Carson is a Minecraft YouTuber with most of the fans being kids.— Def Noodles (defnoodles) January 5, 2021 Things went wrong for CallMeCarson when a 21-year-old woman named Sam came in with proof that she had received inappropriate messages from a YouTuber when she was a minor (age 17). It also posted screenshots of Discord messages, which led to a massive response from Twitter users. Since the allegations, CallMeCarson has not been activated on Twitch or YouTube. However, a few days ago on June 17, Carson posted two tweets before deleting them for a later time. It was the first tweet containing a picture of US President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, along with their poll numbers from the September 2020 election. Now this tweet has been deleted – Nope (@Pizzaroll__God) May 18, 2021 After the first tweet was deleted, CallMeCarson tweeted “Accidental tweet Continue” before deleting the second tweet as well. This was his only social media activity in the past few months, even tweeting “Give me a little bit more time.” Regardless, it looks like CallMeCarson is about to make a comeback. People are saying Carson gets canceled more than EDP what the fuck is no, Carson still has his twitter account for one EDP lost every single one of his accounts as far as I know so Carson should never and shouldn’t come back EDP— 2d fangirl ( CEO of Being Nice) 💙💜❤️🏳️‍⚧️ (@2d__Fangirl) June 20, 2021 Twitter is absolute garbage fire. Anyway, cancel CallMeCarson lol! Even if he’s not a Bedouin, he’s a creep. Once culture abolished there is a need you all ter bet do it right.— bee 🐝 (sushibee_s) Jun 20, 2021 // cmcif watch/like/callmecarson support at the bottom, block me directly. — angau 𐁘 thirsty kravitz enjoyer ## (kravtitz) June 20, 2021 before he does the real horrible thing: “CallMeCarson isn’t funny at all! The only people who like him are a kid band or a smelly ugly.” After: “You guys still trying to unfollow Carson? Wow, stay crazy. Hey buddy, you’re the b-list celebrity we need right now.”— Pizza Time (@sir_pineapple64) June 20, 2021 Not saying he’s totally innocent, but I can’t believe we made Carson quit over two years, while James Charles (5 year gap) still gets to publish and create Videos & EDP445 (17 year gap) is exempt from the law and is now working on setting up his own website. – Appendix (Annex_OR) June 20, 2021 The tweet indicates that it will respond to the allegations made against it, although most Twitter users have criticized it. People accused him of pedophilia and called for his “abolition.” Log in / register to reply


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