Choosing Boat Lifts for Your Dock


A boat lift is a great addition to any dock, and it provides a variety of benefits. Not only does it protect your boat from water damage and extend its life, but it also prevents theft and keeps it in pristine condition for resale. In addition, it can increase your property’s value.

Choosing the best boat lifts for your dock requires careful consideration of several factors. These include the size of your boat and the depth of the water. The type of dock you have and the location of your body of water will also impact your selection. For example, if your dock is located in a rougher location where waves crash frequently or the water moves quickly, you’ll need to consider a heavy-duty lift that offers more reinforcement with stronger arms, mechanisms and bolts.

Once you’ve figured out the size of your boat and the water depth, the next step is to select the type of lift you want. Freestanding lifts, which stand on their own without attaching to your dock, are a good choice for muddy lake beds and rocky river bed conditions. They’re also more flexible than fixed-mount lifts that have to be connected to your dock.

A hydraulic suspended lift is a more permanent option that’s attached to pilings or your dock’s structure. It can withstand strong currents and large waves and requires less maintenance than other types of lifts.

Suspended lifts are also a popular option for those who own a house on the water or want to park their boat in a public marina. These lifts are able to handle larger, heavier boats than freestanding or pedestal models and can be used with either a stationary or floating dock.

Another common option is a pneumatic lift, which uses air tanks to raise and lower the boat. You can control the lift from a wireless remote and use it to maneuver your boat in and out of the water. It can also be operated manually with a wheel or an electric motor, which is a convenient option if you have young children who might run into the water while operating it.

If you plan to purchase a boat lift, be sure to review the company’s customer service policies and availability before making a final decision. Look for a company that offers a phone number and contact information on its website so you can get in touch with someone when questions or problems arise. You should also see whether the company offers a warranty and what kind of support it provides for its products after you make the purchase.

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