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Get the fuck out of the sun book people by Skinny Secret

Welcome Welcome!

I just wanted to jump in to invite you all to a very interesting Q&A that I’m doing with Alex Snodgrass selected dish. If you haven’t heard of T.He defined the dish & Alex, let me write to you:

Alex is a bestselling author The selected cookbookMom, wife and skincare enthusiasts. Because the skin is on the inside, right?

And on June 15th, we’ll talk about everything Get the fuck out of the sun.

That’s right. Alex and I will be sitting down to discuss the entire process of writing a book, what it was like when putting together tips and tricks from top influencers and well-known doctors, plus my advice on how to write your own book if that’s something you want to do. We’ll cover it all.

The best part is that you don’t need to be in Austin, Texas. It’s all via Zoom and you can access the question-and-answer session from anywhere in the world. The entire default event is served by people book Which is one of the largest independent bookstores in Texas. It is located in the heart of Austin and is a must see if you come to the area.

You should know that this is a pre-recorded question and answer session. We’ll already be filming it beforehand in Commodore Berry Estate It is the finest resort ever. Like the state of the garden and yard you guys? my Lord.

Make sure to buy your ticket from EvenbrightAnd you can even order a book Get the fuck out of the sun ( Personally signed by moi) at the same time if you like.

This book was like the birth of a child. I’m a kid, I’m a kid, but it’s similar. laughing loudly.

I’ve spent the past three years working on class outlines, proposal, interviews, research, email, writing, editing, design, taking photos, quantity and writing more, preparing a fun marketing plan, and studying.

Get the fuck out of the sun Featuring over 100 of the best influencers, celebrities, podcasters, doctors, and experts. Like they give us juice. But wait, that’s not all – it would be like we’re at a raucous lunch together – seriously I’m pouring out every great tip I’ve taken over the past 11 years in the industry. So many skincare secrets, oh my.

Get the fuck out of the sun by The Skinny Confidential

The most amazing people shared this book as well. You will read tips from:

^ Patrick Star

^ Kristin Cavallari

^ The Fat Jew

Mrs. Lidegang

♡ Hrush Akimian

♡ Bobby Brown

^ Jillian Michaels

♡ Hyram Skincare بالبشرة

♡ Molly Sims

♡ Georgia Louise

^ Sivan Ayla

^ Annie Lawless

♡ Glow founders recipe

^ Justin Anderson

♡ Summer Fridays founders

^ Dom Roberts

Drunk elephant founder

♡ Dr. Barbara Storm

♡ Amy Sung

♡ Dr. Jason Diamond

^ Mandy Madden Kelly

^ Lisa Vanderpump

♡ Amelia Gray Hamlin and Delilah Bill Hamlin

^ Emily Schumann

^ Patricia Altchul

^ Stassi Schroeder

♡ Chriselle Lim

^ Melissa Wood Tipperberg

+ more!

PLUS!!! Submitted by my friend Dr. Dennis Gross.

Not only will you bookmark the book, you’ll want it on the coffee table as well. It’s cute, it’s bright pink, it looks hot on your Instagram feed… like it’s full of value.

Couldn’t be more motivating for this event and book launch. I hope you all can make it happen.

Before we go, thank you. Yes you. This book would not be a reality without you and this community.

S, Lauren

+ If you are interested in the skin, you must select the range Super Thick Secret Ice Roll.

++ Pre-order Get the fuck out of the sun

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