Couples Guide to Vibrators


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Here’s the deal: Any vibrator is a couples vibrator if you want it. Most shakers do not have individual descriptive functions – they are intended for exploration and for increased fun and play.

To paraphrase a Trusted sex therapistPartner sex works best when each person takes responsibility for their own sexual desires. Incorporating toys into your sex life can be a very satisfying expression of this principle.

Below, our current favourites, arranged by needs and desires.

For hands-free exploration

Designed for partner sex, the Eva II features flexible “wings” that sit under the labia to help hold the vibrator in place so all hands are free to support your body weight or do whatever else you want. It may take some practice and adjustment to find the right position – pull one flange over one wing at a time.

  1. Dame EVA II VIBRATOR goop, $135

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The tilt is designed for all genders: it has two independently controlled motors – one at the plug end for G-spot or prostate stimulation, and one on the longer outer arm that can be used for clitoral or perineal stimulation. The sensation of vibrations is not the same as the usual wheezing; It is more than a deep sense of radiance. It is very flat against the body when inserted – and is designed to stay in place while you explore. (Bonus: It has a warming function, which increases blood flow, making it easier to relax and eventually climax.)

  1. Laura DiCarlo TILT goop, $140

    Laura DiCarlo
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remote control

We-Vibe chorus has two distinct heads; You insert the smaller one into the vagina and the larger one located on the vulva and clitoris. The smaller inner head is unobtrusive and can be worn comfortably during penetrative sex. To adjust the vibrations of the chorus, you can press the controls on the larger head or press the accompanying remote control, which reacts to the pressure of your hand to increase the intensity. Or give this remote control to your partner and let them take their turn pressing the buttons. This set comes with Womanizer Premium, a clitoral stimulator that uses pulses of air to create the sensation of sucking (it’s one of our products). Top Five Selling Vibrators for some reason).


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Ohnut is designed to customize depth. You simply stack the 4 modular rings and secure them around the base of the penetrating partner rod (or around the toy of your choice) to form a soft, compressible buffer. It doesn’t sacrifice pleasant sensations for either partner – each ring is squishy, ​​stretchy, and leather-like. We recommend starting with three and adjusting to four or down to two from there.

  1. Ohnut OHNUT goop, $65

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To explore erogenous zones

Designed to stimulate sensitive spots all over the body, the We-Vibe Touch X is a versatile vibrator that fits nicely in your hand or your partner’s hand. Peek at the shallow cup on top of his head: you can press everything against the vulva for a wider sensation or use the tip for targeted stimulation of the clitoris or nipples.

  1. We-Vibe TOUCH X goop, $99

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Think of French as a second language. The flexible tip vibrates slightly and can be moved to simulate the sensation of a delicate licking. It’s great for builders, beginners, or those more sensitive to extreme stress.

  1. Smile Makers THE FRENCH LOVER goop, $60

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Finger shakers, like the flipper, are designed to be easy, feel natural wearing, and don’t distract from the moment. Simply slide your pointer and middle fingers along the grooves and change the intensity using the power button at the top.

  1. Dame FIN VIBRATOR goop, $85

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To stimulate the clitoris

Sila is a clitoral vibrator that does not connect to the clitoris itself. It has a very wide mouth that completely covers the head of the clitoris, using gentle sound waves that generate pulsation and suction.

  1. LELO SILA VIBRATOR goop, $169

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The wands provide a strong and modest external vibration, which is good for those who need a little more stimulation to get down. Our double-sided wand vibrator does this with its whimsical ball end, and more: the other end is thin and flexible for precise clitoral vibration, as well as exploration of the vaginal opening. (You can also use the thinner tip to pierce one to three inches; it feels good to press against the front wall of the vagina.)

  1. goop Wellness DOUBLE-SIDED WAND VIBRATOR goop, $95

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erotic massage

A plant-based massage oil – a blend of safflower, sunflower, grapeseed, and jojoba oils – has just the right amount of slip and doesn’t penetrate the skin too quickly. It is soft as silk and beautiful on its own. But it is better to warm it gently in a pulse warmer. Simply insert a capsule into the heater, press a button, wait a minute, and put your fingers under it distributor For two seconds the doll delivers a uniform measurement in your fingers. (It’s great for lubrication too – Pulse makes the pods with a stretch Clean water based lubricant.) The heater turns off automatically an hour after the last use, and it has a locking function so that it never turns off when you don’t want it.


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For communication and intimacy

Each entry in this journal is designed to be picked up right after sex, and urges you and your partner to think – first separately, then together – about what feels best, what both of you want out of play, and how you grow together. If you feel embarrassed talking about sex, the journal includes a guide to managing those feelings as well. Final goal? More openness, a little gullibility, and some fun sex.


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