Dorit Kimsley Spotlight: Housewives Fashion


Dorit Kimsley Spotlight: Housewives Fashion

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So excited about this post today because Dorit Kimsley is my favorite housewife. I just love her style.

Lauren from Great blonde hair Is here to talk to all of us about Dorit Kimsley’s iconic and ever-changing fashion picks.

You might have already met Lauren when she was Came on the blog To tell us all how she turned her passion into a complete brand, but just to recap:

I stumbled upon the blog of Lauren Sebastian Great blonde hair It literally broke exactly what I was looking for. Housewives’ clothes. I organized all of these outfits, according to the reality TV star, and I thought they were the most ingenious thing I had ever seen.

Lauren pays attention to Real Housewives Shows, she finds the exact same clothes and accessories they’re wearing, then posts about it on her blog. Talk about a niche.

Like I said, I’m very excited to be the spotlight on Dorit today. Let’s get it right in with Lauren.

Housewife Fashion: Dorit Kimsley Spotlight


Since I mainly live and breathe in real housewife fashion as the editor of, it is natural to ask who I think is the best housewife who wears clothes that frequent. Since so many of them have different components for their cabinets that I love, I haven’t actually been able to stick to just one answer for quite some time. But after Dorit Kimsley Present some of my favorite looks in Bravocon She appeared in Season 10 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills bringing an A + game with her, and finally got a clear answer. And since it’s over Lauren and I have more in common than first names (yeah, it got a cooler spelling).

Why Dorrit?

She debuted Big Blonde Hair because real housewives are on top, super hot, and always bring the fashion worth talking about. So when I turn on my TV to find clothes to cover Big Blonde Hair, I want to look at something And we talk about it. And whether Dorit wore it Popular gray tracksuit Or, shake 75% off the Versace store with one look, it always gives me what I want. To the extent that I spent a day with stylist Jasmine Gonzalez last year, And a true inner look at what creates the look befitting our favorite fashion queen.

Bold brands

While I do have a major vulnerability for a true housewife related, I’m totally obsessed with DK’s ambitious style. When people say she wears a lot of stickers and is over the top, I often wonder why they see Real Housewives. Is this not what we want ?! Whether Dorit is rocking a tried-and-true fashion house like Chanel or a newer brand like Off-White or Heron Preston, I’m all about it and take a cue from the pieces she wears.


When I watch Real Housewives I LIVE to see Dorit with her head covered in crystal clips of hair at a reunion encounter, or with a braid that weighs more than her adorable kids (like, maybe combined) at an event! Dorit always maintains interest and theme. If it rocks Maude, a ’70s-inspired look, the high-waisted pony and scarf are part of the look. If the “topic” is Mob Wife Versace, her hair is in perfect alignment. It’s a style component that even the biggest celebs sometimes get it wrong, and it can totally take a look or break it. Her longtime hairstylist Justin Marjan always catches her.


If it is A makeup or beauty product that Dorit usesJoin me. Although she has an especially great squad, the look they make for her is so versatile that they can completely change her looks. However, even when you post a photo without a lot of makeup, it’s simply amazing. I love her distinct glow with a nude lip and smokey eye, but she can also go for a bold red!


Dorit travel looks like it’s next level. As someone who likes to go on vacation with specific pieces for every place (for example, I like to think I have a Miami wardrobe, a Vegas wardrobe, a New York wardrobe, etc.) that the Beverly Hills Housewife totally takes that to the level next one. Whether it flips The streets of Rome in the Versace amphitheater are unforgettable or Shop in Vegas in the pink Gucci inspired pajama set It influences her followers and colleagues in her future appearance, as she is always ready to catch the eye while she travels. As we know, it takes a village to take a look, and it’s always this village along the journey.


I’m also a big fan of Dorit’s casual style, which often includes some designer sneaky and an oversized sweater from a well-known luxury brand. I mean, what’s the best way to put a chic look than letting people know that you dropped a down payment on the house for it? I’m kidding partly, but I really think a pair of stylist kicks can lift a causal look and DK doesn’t leave the house without them. I also always wear a hoodie when it is time to relax.



If Dorit is carrying a handbag, we want to know where she’s coming from and she wants us to know. Whether it has a big logo or lets you know ‘Cash inside’ She lets her bags talk. During Season 8, she was the first housewife to rock the belt Since they appear again, and you’ll notice that other wives have definitely followed suit. Until she is Small, small Jacqumus microbag The topic was more than just a small talk during Season 10!


Whether Walk in rocking some sheer sandals from Yeezy around Season Seven (and 9) Or make us say hmmm with some Purple bot from OTK BalenciagaMs. Kemsley doesn’t come to play in the shoe department. And while I especially love her casual collection, she always knows that what you wear on your feet can make or break any look.


It might come in a necklace, safety pin brooch, layered belts or even in her hair, but Dorit knows that some attractive motifs are always important to have a look. And like everything else, don’t expect anything hidden.

One of my favorites Housewife-inspired purchases are these necklaces I bought my son’s names after seeing Dorit wearing them! And if someone can make me want to wear necklaces with my baby’s names on it, you know they are hugely influential.

has evolved:

While her style has definitely evolved, Even during Dorrit’s first season, she rocked some eye-catching looks And they have improved since then. She cemented her looks in Italy during Season 10 and her Instagram sessions off-season this one, and I can’t wait to see what’s next from the hottest housewife yet


Did I already mention how much I love Dorit? Hope you liked this post and stay tuned because Lauren will be back in a few weeks to share some of the housewife looks that we can all have on a budget. Yes please.

Who is your favorite housewife?

Q, Lauren.

+ The Fake Gucci headband You have to own.

++ It looks like a hot snow rabbit On the slopes.

Post shopping:

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