Easy 3-Ingredient Strawberry Frozen Yogurt {No Ice Cream Maker Needed}


This 3 ingredient homemade strawberry frozen yogurt is the perfect cold treat you can make at home! Very simple and very tasty!

This easy frozen yogurt is one of our standby options for those scorching summer days. (Wow, the past few months have been incredibly hot and unusual here.)

The nice thing about this homemade frozen recipe is that it doesn’t require an ice cream maker or any fancy ingredients. And it’s low in sugar (and free of refined sugar!).

Homemade frozen strawberry yogurt in a white cup with a silver spoon

3-ingredients only

All you need is 10 minutes and three ingredients for this adorable little recipe. I don’t know about you, but my summer/year coping skills aren’t all that pissed off.

  • frozen strawberry
  • Plain yogurt (Greek or plain)
  • honey or maple syrup

That’s it! Has anyone let a little yelling and screaming into the privacy of your home or office in a state of excitement? I hope that. This recipe is worth it.

And yes, it is highly adaptable to other fruit options. Actually, here’s a file peach version You may already know and love. A glimpse of the cranberry version is below.

Frozen strawberries, honey, yogurt in a food processor, mixing ingredients until smooth in a food processor

Mixer or food processor

Frozen strawberry yogurt can be made at home in a food processor or high-powered blender.

If you are using a food processor, at first the fruit and yogurt mixture will look chunky and you may wonder how it will come together, but just give it time.

After a few minutes, it turns into an irresistible creamy mixture. It helps to scrape the sides of the food processor every now and then to keep it well-mixed.

For the mixer, you’ll want to start at a low speed and then help the mixture along with some good action to dampen the elbow grease. Here’s a berry mix of frozen yogurt I made at Vitamix. Too thick! And very tasty.

Frozen berries in a blender, frozen yogurt in a blender

A quick word about yogurt

To prepare strawberry frozen yogurt, you can use:

  • Plain or flavored yogurt
  • Greek yogurt or regular yogurt
  • Unsweetened yogurt or sweetened yogurt

I almost always use plain Greek yogurt. I prefer full-fat yogurt for a richer and creamier frozen yogurt, but fat-free or low-fat yogurt also works well!

The thicker the yogurt, the thinner the frozen yogurt, so It is better to use moderately thick yogurt.

Also, if you are using sweetened yogurt, you can reduce or eliminate the honey or maple syrup in the recipe.

Spoon with 1 tablespoon of frozen strawberry yogurt in a white cup

This frozen yogurt can be made in advance and put in the refrigerator for later eating. I like to take it out and let it sit at room temperature for a few minutes before digging in to soften it up a bit.

However, here, it usually does not reach the refrigerator. The moment the food processor stops buzzing, everyone grabs a spoon and goes to work.

Really, this 3-ingredient frozen yogurt is great. Fast enough for an afternoon snack or treat, and delicious enough to sweeten up after a delicious meal.

I can’t wait to see what differences you come up with!

Half a scoop of strawberry frozen yogurt in a white cup with a silver spoon

Frequently Asked Questions About Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

Which type of yogurt is best for this frozen yogurt?

The thicker the yogurt, the thicker and creamier the frozen yogurt. I prefer using full-fat Greek yogurt, but any type of yogurt can work! Full-fat, low-fat, fat-free, fruit-flavored yogurt or plain yogurt.

Can this be made in an ice cream maker?

This is a great question! I’ve never made it in an official ice cream maker or frozen yogurt because it’s too easy in a food processor or blender, but you can try an ice cream maker.

Can I make this with other frozen fruit besides strawberries?

Yes! Works great with peaches, berry blends, or other frozen fruits. Feel free to experiment!

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Homemade frozen strawberry yogurt in a white cup with a silver spoon

Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

  • ½ Cup plain yogurt (see note)
  • ¼ Cup Honey or pure maple syrup
  • 16 ounce frozen strawberryAnd about 4 cups
  • 2 small spoons Fresh lemon juiceAnd my choice
  • In a 7- to 8-cup food processor bowl, add the yogurt, honey or maple syrup, and frozen strawberries (and lemon juice, if using).

  • Beat until the frozen yogurt is smooth and thick, about 3-4 minutes, scraping the sides of the container several times, if necessary, and using the tamper of the mixer to help incorporate the ingredients.

  • Serve immediately for a smooth texture, or transfer the frozen yogurt to a bowl and freeze for several hours or even several weeks.

doubleThis recipe doubles easily if you have a large enough blender or food processor.
mixer: A high-powered blender, such as a Vitamix or Blendtec, produces the smoothest, creamiest frozen yogurt.
fruit: This recipe is highly adaptable to other fruits. Frozen berries are hard to come by as soft as other fruits (like peaches and strawberries).

Calories: 120CaloriesAnd Carbohydrates: 28gAnd protein: 2gAnd fat: 1gAnd Cholesterol: 4mgAnd sodium: 16mgAnd the basic: 2gAnd sugar: 24g

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Description source: From Mel’s Kitchen Cafe (adapted from this Peach frozen yogurt recipe)

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