Eight Useful Tips When Moving


Spring has always been a popular time to move. A suitable temperature (not too hot to carry around and DIY and not too cold to open the windows while painting), long days so that you do not need any lamps in the new house and during the summer holidays you can still use the finishing touches to the decor and enjoy your new home. Are you also going to move soon? Here are eight helpful tips for doing this as smoothly and stressfully as possible!

1.  Planning jobs and moving

By thinking carefully about the planning in advance, you can prevent a lot of problems. For example, if it is still necessary to do odd jobs in the new home, it is, of course, most straightforward to do this before all the large furniture is moved. And have you ordered new furniture? Make an explicit agreement with the supplier when they are delivered, preferably not too soon after receiving the key in connection with cleaning and odd jobs (this does not, of course, apply to a new bed).

2.  Moving weeks – double housing costs but necessary

Of course, everyone wants to keep double housing costs as low as possible, thus the old and the new house’s overlapping time. However, an overlapping period of at least a few weeks is certainly advisable. This way, you can leave your old owner-occupied or rental home tidy, move all your belongings and make the new rented or owner-occupied home habitable before you move in for good.

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3.  Costs for a move

With the purchase of a new house, you are not waiting for high costs for a move. You can keep costs low by calling in friends and family as auxiliary troops so that you can divide the tasks and work much more efficiently. Moving costs less money, but it is also worth it to invest less energy and time. Heavy furniture and white goods can also be transported very quickly by a professional moving company, for example via stairs or with a moving lift, and they are also insured against possible damage. If you already move a lot of the smaller items yourself, you can also move cheaply with a moving company’s help.

4.  Arrange transportation for smaller items

Do you still want to carry out the move in its entirety, or at least smaller items? Then renting a trailer or a van is a must, depending on the dimensions of your most significant furniture. Calculate in advance how many times you will have to drive back and forth and how many days you will have to rent the trailer or bus based on the amount of stuff. Since many people move on weekends, it is advisable to rent transport very early if you plan to do this.

5.  Do not forget to notify us of a change of address.

About two months before the move, you can already make an inventory of which people, companies, and organizations you receive mail from. One month before the activity, you can then inform them of the new address with the move date. Not only useful for you but also great for the new occupant (s) of your home. You must legally have notified the change of address to your municipality within five days of the move.

6.  Provide gas, water, and light in good time

Do you want to get started with odd jobs and cleaning from the day of the critical handover? Then make sure that your new home is connected to gas, water, and light from day one. It is also advantageous during the inspection at the essential collection, as it can still be dark early in the morning in winter, for example.

7.  Tips for packing moving boxes

About a month before the actual move, you can already start packing things that you will no longer need so quickly. If you have limited space, it is helpful to store the already packed items elsewhere so that you can keep an overview more easily. Always clearly state the bottom and top of the box, whether it contains fragile items, and be extra careful when packing fragile items. During the move, the boxes can be taken directly to the intended space by providing them with a color code or other content indication.

8.  Very important: relocate with pleasure

Last, but certainly not least, tip: relocate with pleasure! A move always causes mental and physical stress; no one can escape that. Positive energy and sufficient power food and drink ensure that both you and helping people have more fun and do more work. No matter how good the planning and preparation are, things will permanently be damaged or broken, and things will always go differently than expected. Do not take the stress out of people who come to help because, in the end, everything can be repaired, replaced, and inventively solved.

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