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With so many IGs popping up these days, fresh homemade cookies from different recipes are one of the things Malaysians are not lacking. We previously showed some likes chew my booze And the cookie bar.

With this in mind, Amanda and her fiancé (referred to as Mr.) did their research and, to their delight, the recipe for cookies that impressed friends was nowhere to be found in other homemakers’ accounts.

With some additional research and development and moral support from friends, the couple took off Mr. Bex In late January of this year with a special ingredient – tahini. Tahini is a sesame seed paste which is a common condiment in the Middle East, which is not widespread in Malaysia.

good tahini It can be nutty, creamy and moderately tasty, while bad tahini can be bitter, moderately astringent, dry and leave chalky in the mouth.

Recipe found while studying abroad

When Amanda’s fiancé was studying abroad, his friend’s Middle Eastern mother made some tahini cakes. Immediately, he signed up for the recipe.

Cookies ready for packing and delivery / Image Credit: Mr. Peaks

He shared with the Vulcan Post: “She used to put tahini in everything, because it’s a staple in their kitchen.” When he returned to Malaysia, his friend’s mother gave him the recipe, and that was when he embarked on a journey of research and development with tahini cookies.

Today, this recipe is the sixth or seventh version of her original recipe. Over the years he experimented with different types of butter, sugars, etc., until he finally came up with this current version.

Influenced by their entrepreneurial friends

“If you had told us even a year ago we had a home baking business, we would never have believed you. None of us thought we had an entrepreneurial spirit,” Amanda admitted.

But the two of them have always loved great hospitality and feeding others in their homes, be it hosting a meal with game nights, gifting baked goods, etc.

Their friends have been regular recipients of their culinary good, one of which is the signature tahini and sea salt chocolate chip cookie, which has always been a staple in their kitchen.

“Finally, our friends, Aisha and Puteri, said they wanted to pay for our cookies. Puteri, owner and founder Oh really, a local full-size fashion label, wanted our cookies to be a part of their Valentine’s Day gift collection,” explained Amanda, and that was the impetus for this home baking business.

R&D for their own cookies (left) and their first partnership with Oh Sebenar / Image Credit: The Mr.Bakes

The preacher who bakes and the preacher who eats

All baking, research and development work is done by The Mr. , while Amanda manages everything else – social media, supplier and order management, packaging, logistics, and researching partnership opportunities.

“I’m not very good in the kitchen,” Amanda joked, “No one wants to eat cakes or cookies by me.” But her entrepreneurial talent lies in trying to help the company stand out in the oversaturated cookie market.

Adding chocolate chips to their dough (left) and slicing the scone dough (right) / Image Credit: The Mr.Bakes

“While many are familiar with the biscuit and milk mixture, I wanted to do something different. So I partnered with for decisions And what resulted was the pairing of our cookies and their wine.”

Amanda works in public relations while the master runs a media and entertainment platform, so dealing with partnerships is a natural thing for her.

Two flavors now

For their cookies, they have The OG (the signature sea salt tahini with milk chocolate chip cookies), and The Darker Grittier Sequel, a similar version that uses black tahini and dark chocolate chips instead.

The price for the OG is 7.5 RM while the Darker Grittier supplement is 8.50 RM, and Mr. Bakes minimum order of 4 cookies. There is also an option to get a mix of 2 flavors for RM48 with 3 of each flavor in a box.

Before that, they were selling peanut butter and miso sand, which is another one of their funky flavours. It was a Raya special, so production has been paused for the time being. “Given the flavor profiles of both the peanut butter and the miso, it made no sense to put them together in a cookie,” El-Sayed said of it.

Behind the scenes with a home baker / Image Credit: Mr. Beaks

To be a part of family tea times

While he is now known for his unconventional recipes, the master takes pride in his skills with traditional recipes as well. They make scones that cost RM27 for a square of six and come with an array of jam and traditional clotted cream.

“Our clients have shared with us that our cakes brought them back to their time in cafes in the UK or family trips to Cameron Highlands, which was very rewarding to hear the feedback,” Amanda happily shared.

Currently, they see an average sales of about 100 cookies and 40 boxes of cookies every weekend (which is when they usually take orders). “Our orders tend to rise every time there is a shutdown. People are eager to reconnect with their families and friends. So they turn to us and arrange delivery of our cookies and cakes as surprise ‘care packages’.”

“Once we had a client hand over cakes to herself and her mother so they could have tea on Zoom. One of the best parts of being at The Mr.Bakes, Amanda remembers, being being a part of the family tea times.

Having their scones be part of the tea times / Image Credit: The Mr.Bakes

Play the long game

While they always create funky cookie flavours, they don’t consider themselves to be The Unconventional cookie center. They explained that it was because they didn’t see themselves doing the experiment for it.

“The idea is with Mr. Bakes She’s always been baking homemade, healthy cookies and desserts, but with a little twist so people can try something new,” Amanda and Mr. shared with Vulcan Post.

While sales are going well for them both, the couple is concerned about how they can continue to maintain their customers’ interest and come back for more.

Amanda packing cookies and going further with handwritten notes / Image credit: The Mr.Bakes

“Malaysians love to try anything new before they quickly move on to the next new thing. We knew from the start that we had to keep the menu fresh and introduce new items seasonally.” Fortunately, they have been very fortunate to have so many repeat customers who have been incredibly supportive.

They gratefully conclude, “I think we must be doing something right.”

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Featured Image Credits: Amanda Khoo and El Sayed, founders of The Mr. Bakes

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