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What are you up to this weekend? It’s supposed to be raining, but a part of me loves to relax indoors without any guilt. 🙂 Hope you have a good link, here are some links from all over the web …

Mother’s Day is complicatedWritten by the brilliant Anne Lamott.

Have you seen the new West Side Story Trailer?

I’m the judge who agreed to the custody arrangement in the parent’s trap but in my defense I didn’t think they’d go to the same camp. ”

New audiobook by Mindy Kaling It’s cool, especially the chapter about being a single parent.

Are these balls same color? !!

Was given Underwear drawer turning.

12 Mothers on Their Secret Power. Kate Bayer made me laugh and nod. (The New York Times)

Is this the A perfect summer t-shirt?

Honest swimwear review. (I love that!)

Candles There is a moment.

Salad on the same plate as dinner It is one of the simple pleasures of life.

Documentary Trapped: Cash Bail in America It reveals the major problems with cash bail. (Also, please consider joining us in donating to #FreeBlackMamas National Warranty, If you are able.)

Plus two comments from readers:

Anjou says 12 comments from our readers on live fully: “This post reminded me of a ritual I’ve been practicing for a few decades. Every night, I kissed an absentee kiss before going to bed. When I was a kid this was my father often – my parents divorced and I only saw him every two weeks. When I was a teenager, the kiss was always from Yes, my current crush, which is embarrassing enough. When my husband has now worked abroad for a long year, the kiss is for him. When my grandmother was in the hospital, the kiss was her. When we waited for our adopted child for a number of long years, the kiss was for them. My baby is 7 years old now and loves to hear about kisses from mom.) And now, I have my husband and my baby next to me when I sleep, and I can actually physically kiss them Good night.I think in my past life, I often felt lonely and misunderstood, but even so, it was There is always someone to send a kiss to. Now, I’m surrounded by love and I’m so grateful. “

Emily says Sweet suggestion story: “My wife (now) had been suffering from deep depression for a year before we decided to get married. After trying many drugs, she switched to a new drug on Monday and told me she was starting to see the color in the world again. By Friday, over coffee in bed, we decided “To get married. There is no suggestion, no episode, only antidepressants.”

(Photo courtesy of Photography Homemade Neapolitan pizza.)

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