Femi O’Deran and Miles White’s Guide to Charleston


bartenders behind Earning wine shop They are not just adventurous and ambitious with the wines they stock and sell. The same goes for their appetite. Femi Oyediran and Miles White have a totally bespoke agenda for their perfect day in Charleston, from coffee, pastries, and bike rides to the best city views (at a Holiday Inn no less) and plenty of oysters naturally.

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This seat at Bar George has your name everywhere.Photo courtesy Bar George
Hey Rainbow Roo!Photography by Peter Frank Edwards / re


start in Sightsee Store + Coffee. It’s the perfect place in the neighborhood, where everyone knows everyone. Joel Sadler, one of the owners, gets you excited about the coffee (that they serve Springbok; We love these guys too.)

Papas on the cannon A few blocks away, perfect for a pre-lunch snack and grab-and-go snack. Grab a couple of pastries, maybe a sandwich, and enjoy the scenery off King Street from the patio. Then go for a bike ride. We usually take King Street all the way to The Battery and get lost in the streets.

After that, we hit 167 ore For lunch, a lovely claw movement. (To avoid long waits, have a late lunch around 3 p.m. or come on slower days, Tuesday or Wednesday.) Start with drinks, order ceviche and a dozen oysters, and you’ll feel as though something is building. It’s like how your California friends leave the airport and head straight to In-N-Out. 167 is the same for us, only infinitely more. You really got such a great introduction to the city.

Make sure to go next door to Bedouin houseA hand-picked and curated home goods store nearby. Miles got his mom some funky cookbooks and a huge old kudu horn from there – her best birthday in a while.

If you want to get off the peninsula, any true Charleston knows that the best views in the city are from the Holiday Inn Harborview Restaurant & LoungeNext door to Waffle House in West Ashley. Stop there for a happy drink on the way to The Purhouse On James Island for an early show on deck (free on Sunday and Monday nights).

Then cross the street and get more oysters, plus sausage and grilled Peruvian chicken at George’s Bar. Or head downtown for dinner at fat fish. It just reopened, and it’s better than ever.

Finish it off with late-night drinks at Delilah or only brothers. It’s an aggressive day, but a powerful one.

Where to stay:

stay quilt For rent with a feel of the historic city center

What to bring:

high wire distillation company‘s Southern Amaro, or sorghum whiskey if you can find it


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