Finding A Jeweler You Can Trust


Many people are enthralled by jewelry and enjoy collecting it. It doesn’t matter whether you are a jewelry collector or are looking for your first purchase. It is crucial to find a reliable jeweler that you can trust.

There are a variety of aspects that influence the top jewelry stores, such as customer service, the quality of products, and a good price tag. We’ve compiled a list of our top-rated high-end jewelry shops around the world so that you can find the perfect piece for you.

Harry Winston Jewelry Company

Saxon Jewelers and Gemologists company was established in New York City by the legendary silversmith and designer Harry Winston. He was an expert in his field and is widely regarded as one of the best diamond and gem experts in the world.

Harry’s natural ability to determine the quality of stones led to the creation of his company and the signature engagement ring with six prongs. This ring is widely considered to be the standard for high-end wedding rings of high-end quality. The store is also a pioneer of custom design.

Dempsey & Baxter Jewelry in Erie, Pennsylvania

The Dempsey & Baxter family has been operating a diamond and jewelry wholesale company in Erie for over fifty years. They are renowned for their integrity and knowledge in the diamond industry and their exceptional customer service.

Sheiban Jewelers in Strongsville, Ohio

Sheiban Jewelers is a family-owned and operated jewelry store that has been serving the Strongsville community for over 100 years. Through dedication and hard work the Sheiban family has built an enduring legacy. From Tony’s grandfather, who emigrated to America with his family. To his sons who have been raised around it and continue the tradition of excellence that began with his great grandfather.

Cowell & Hubbard in Cleveland, Ohio

Since the time it was first opened in 1861, Cleveland’s oldest jewelry shop has become an iconic landmark. It was founded by George Cowell and Herbert. The store offers silverware, watches, clocks, lamps and exquisite jewelry.

In 1964, the Philadelphia jewelry firm Bailey, Banks & Biddle bought Cowell & Hubbard and then sold it to Zale Corporation. Under Zale, Cowell & Hubbard was transformed into a major jeweler in the retail market with nine suburban stores.

Cheri Bonner works at Stanton Jewelers in Cleveland, Ohio

Cheri began her career as an apprentice jeweler at the age of seventeen. She is now a Gemological Institute of America certified as a G.I.A. Graduate Gemologist. She uses her skills and experience to make repairs as well as create custom pieces and issue appraisals.

Pam’s Appraisals, Cleveland, Ohio

Gem Graders is a Cleveland-based appraisal and jewelry company that is operated and owned by Pam Bonner. Her vast knowledge and credentials are unmatched in this area. She is a Senior Member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers and has been providing professional appraisal services to her customers for 40+ years.

Her practice focuses on the assessment of diamonds, gemstones, modern and antique luxury watches and jewelry to be used for probate and estate purposes. She is also a certified gemologist who can carry out remanufacturing of gold and pearls. Her clients include jewelry shops, government agencies, and individuals. She has an on-site gem laboratory to meet the needs her clients in the Cleveland area.


Saxon Jewelers and Gemologists

47 Alpha Dr, Highland Heights, OH


(440) 461-9296

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