Fixing a Door Hinge Without Using any Tools


Door Hinge Screw are essential to your home. They keep noise out of your home and help keep your interiors tidy and organized. But if you own a noisy door it is very likely that your door will start to generate lots of noise when you open or close it. This could cause discomfort to you and any person who enters your house.

A noisy hinge on your door can be caused by a worn-out or broken door jamb. You’ll have to replace your damaged jamb for your door. You will also require installing door hangers and door hinges. Here are the guidelines you should follow for door hinges that may require door hanger installation.

If your door jamb is not attached to the door’s side directly, you’ll need to fix it with screws. This job will require the use of scissors. To keep dust particles from entering the sensors and wires of the door, clean all surfaces. The next step is to attach a small rubber washer to the bottom of the screw. You can make use of a toothbrush or other cleaning material for this.

The washer’s surface should be sprayed with soapy water. Then, put two layers of petroleum jelly on the top of the soapy mixture. Allow it to sit for at least thirty minutes before removing the hot soapy. Now, you should place the door hinge into the track by pulling it straight up. Then you should place another sheet of hot washer over the tracks.

Place the door pins in place

And then you must put the hammer back in the socket and ensure that the hammer’s head is above the hole in which the hinges are. The final step is to move the hinges back onto the track and then tap them gently with the hammer. Then, you need to tighten the nut on each hinge and seal them. The same procedure should be followed for the other hinges, and for the hinges on the door frame.

These are only some of the ways to repair a damaged door hinge. If you’ve done this job before, you must be aware of the repairing techniques to ensure you don’t encounter any issues while fixing the door. However, if you’re completely new to this work it is important to know that using the wrong technique could ruin the hinges completely. Learn the fundamental techniques for fixing hinges and you will surely be able fix your doors with no hassle.

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