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The right wine can make a meal even more delicious. The fruit, acidity, minerals, or earthiness of wine can play a role in or increase your food, whether it’s rich and creamy camembert or spicy Thai fry. Certain types of wines seem especially suitable for certain occasions – making for a more relaxing night or a more festive holiday. But choosing your own bottle definitely doesn’t need to be difficult, our friends at Dry farm wine Say.

Dry Farm Wines has a radically transparent model found nowhere else in the winemaking industry. It is a natural wine source from small and independent wine wines from all over the world. Then everything is tested in independent laboratories to make sure everything matches its standards. Every bottle you get from Dry Farm Wines contains a complete work of information available online which includes region and grape varieties along with ABV (alcohol by volume) and residual sugar levels (what’s left after fermentation). Wine contains lower levels of alcohol than conventional wine, and its sugar levels are so low (less than 1 gram per liter, for example) that it is considered essentially sugar free. (According to the FDA, anything containing less than 0.5 grams of sugar per serving is sugar-free. There are at least four servings in a standard liter bottle of wine.) The best thing they have is to make everything fun and friendly. We gave them a few different scenarios for wine and food pairs – and they labeled each mood.

a celebration

what are you looking for:

  1. Bubbles – pét-nats if you can find them.

  2. Unfiltered and skin-to-skin wine for a dynamic full grape expression.

  3. Balanced wines are versatile for dining couples.

Selection of dry farm wine:

NV Denny Benny Spoma is brilliant Emilia

It’s a rustic Italian wine that brings out plenty of festive boxes. The opening pop of sparkling wine sets the tone for the evening. This is a nat house, so it has a light and delicate bubble of natural fermentation. It gets a lot of flavor because it’s a wine that touches the skin and is unfiltered (which also makes it look a bit cloudy). Basically it contains the maximum expression of grapes – stems, skin, seeds, yeast, everything. The grape is Lambrusco di Sorbara, although Spuma is definitely less sweet than the typical Lambrusco wine. It’s incredibly balanced, so it’s fine dining, and it goes with just about anything. It’s also fun on its own, without food.

  1. Melted foam!  brilliant

To complement the mood

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a picnic

what are you looking for:

  1. Wines that have lower sugar and less ABV are a better daytime drinking choice.

  2. Eggs grow in warmer climates that are not affected by room temperature.

  3. Something bright with sourness to balance your menu – our picnic basket always has some rich items like nuts, cheese, charcuterie or hummus.

Selection of dry farm wine:

2020 Craig and Carla Hawkins Love is more than just a white feeling

This South African wine – made from Chenin Blanc grapes – matches its warm, growing coastal climate. It contains some minerals, and surprisingly, it still tastes nice at room temperature, once the cold is gone. When it’s extremely cold, those metallic notes are right on top, but when it’s cooked to room temperature, you’ll get more subtle fruity notes. So no need to squeeze out the coolant and ice. All Dry Farm wines contain less alcohol, but this is one of the drinks lowest with 11.56% ABV, making it ideal for daytime drinking. It’s not overly acidic, but it can cut down on some of the rich foods that might be packed on your picnic.

  1. More than just a feeling

To complement the mood

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Night in

what are you looking for:

  1. The wood aged wines have a more subtle taste that will still be your taste buds.

  2. A wine with a bold flavor to pair with bold foods.

  3. Check out the region and winemaking style – this can produce very different flavor traits, even from the same grape.

Selection of dry farm wine:

2018 Domaine Amirault La Ferme des Fontaines Chenin Blanc

Just because you stay home and dine in sweatpants doesn’t mean you can’t have great wine. This Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley is bold, rich and intricate – a lot happens here. While it is made from the same grape variety as the picnic wine above, this Chenin Blanc is completely different because it is from a cooler climate, so it is the best chilled drink. Contains slightly higher alcohol content than picnic wine. It is antique in neutral oak barrels, which don’t impart flavor, but the porous wood allows for oxidation, creating an incredibly fine palate paint effect. This wine can stand up to the bold flavors, so don’t be shy with your menu.

  1. The Ferme des Fontaines Chenin Blanc

To complement the mood

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what are you looking for:

  1. The right wine with an exciting story will satisfy beginners and expert wine drinkers alike.

  2. Old Grape Wines: Small but strong crops produce wines with an intense flavor.

  3. Old earthy red – the depth of flavor goes well with anything roasted.

Selection of dry farm wine:

2017 Domain Jordan’s passion for nature

When you host a barbecue, your guests’ level of knowledge of wine is likely to vary. Are you looking for something friendly enough for the wine novice and interesting enough for your connoisseurs? This cap franc fits the bill. It is very earthy, with some acids, made from old grape vines, which means that the vines have been harvested for more than twenty years. Old vines tend to produce fewer grapes, but those are full of flavor. This wine also aged in barrels, then bottled and aged further, so both the color and flavor had a chance to develop and condense over time. It’s perfect for anything charred that comes off the grill – rib steak, mergize sausage, shishito pepper, or thyme bread.

  1. A passion for nature for Cabernet Franc

To complement the mood

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