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Today’s Friday Ideas post is super fast! But kind of fun. And a little randomness. 🙂

I always have literally thousands of things I want to tell you guys (disclaimer: most of these things fall into the “too little substance” category). Today I chose *only* ten of them to share.

for recommendations, None of these are sponsored. Just little things that I’ve bought that I love and feel the world needs to know about. Some of the links below are affiliate links to products I purchased myself on Amazon, but as always, feel free to shop around for the best deal.


My friend, Nicole, gave me this amazing things lips {Aff. Link} (chapstick? balm? notreallysure) for a while and have been using it daily since then. I am Excellent Especially about moisturizing lipstick type lip products because most of them actually dry out my lips. This magic wand is a miracle product. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

2. Best Instagram account to follow.

I seriously try to limit my time on social media and have been tempted over the years to give it up entirely, but there are some accounts that make me excited to stay, and Tweet embed at the top of the list. She calls herself the guru of America’s government, which might be off-putting if you think it leads to a dry and boring social media experience, but her account is so sparkly, fun, unbiased, slightly random, and incredibly helpful (especially right now delving into all.the.politics.

Love her. She has no idea who I am, but I would probably be completely dumbfounded if I had met her in real life. I’m really proud to call myself #governor. Any other rulers out there?

3. I got a new kitchen table.

And I love him so much that I’m starting to step into a life stage called: Crazy Kitchen Table Lady. I’ve had nothing against my sturdy and flexible garage sale find table decorating our kitchen for the past 10 years, but on the side, I’ve always been casually looking for an ultimate replacement.

Our neighbors hosted an HOA meeting a few months ago while everyone was talking about fixing potholes on our way and nominating absent members for board positions and details. How many mini donkeys It should be allowed for every plot, I looked forward to the hosts kitchen table.

It was hard in the end to ignore my social awkwardness, so they gave me information for a local store (Impact imports) that makes custom kitchen tables out of massive slabs of wood (our table is made of Monkey Pod / Parotta).

Long story short, I went to an Impact Imports country showroom, fell in love, convinced Brian that it was the right thing to do (or rather, told him he didn’t really get a vote), and six weeks later, our new baby was, I mean, delivered kitchen table. They were able to use the top of the slab to make two chairs for one side of the table, and I grabbed the other chairs from Amazon (not high quality chairs, but they are fully functional at the moment).

4. Plant mosquito repellent

Guys, mosquitoes are gorgeous on our property this year. Like, full of terrible crowd. I’m not above using strong stuff when needed, but going out with our animals a few times a day means I’d love to have a more natural alternative (if I’m honest, that’s largely because I don’t want to smell like body-packed mosquito repellent all day long – even some sprays) Natural has the worst smell).

I’ve tried many botanical or natural mosquito repellent sprays, and This one wins hands {Aff. Link}. It works well for shorter periods of time (it probably wouldn’t be the best for long walks deep in the countryside, but for 20-30 minutes in a pasture or a walk, it’s great) and I can’t underestimate how great it is that the smell is barely there.

On a side note, When we want stronger coverage for hiking, camping or spending a long time outside, we use it These are mosquito wipes {Aff. Link}.

Also, last thing because I can’t believe mosquitoes get that much attention in one of my blog posts, but we also keep this one bug bite balm {Aff. Link} It comes in handy and amazingly relieves the itch from mosquito bites (and keeps younger kids, myself, from fumbling around scratchy itch issues).

5. Lifetime sweet and sour candy.

I can’t resist sweet and sour candy. Sour patch kids. Chews a sweet and sour hello. Give me everything. The refreshing and sweet combo is my retro.

I also really love Australian licorice (Wiley Wallaby is one of my favorite brands). When you spied on this Sweet and bitter licorice {Aff. Link} At a small gas station in the wilds of Idaho on a road trip, I was intrigued.

Then I became completely obsessed. The sweet and sour little licorice drops are probably my favorite iteration of the sweet and sour trend ever. Be warned: they are completely irresistible. As in, I’ve ordered them in bulk and still don’t know how they disappear so quickly.

6. Talk about snacks.

I’d be a terrible friend if I didn’t also tell you about my other favorite snack. Pickled dill pastry {Aff. Link}. And Dark chocolate covered with dark chocolate {Aff. Link}. Both are very worthy distractions in my life right now. And speaking of dill pickle flavors, this Spicy dill pickled almonds {Aff. Link} She is also wonderful.

6. Planners: A very serious question.

I may have asked this before and don’t remember (also: too lazy to search old posts), but, What type of planning system are you using? I’m a hard paper planner. He was mercilessly ridiculed by family and friends. I I can not Convert to electronic layout inconvenience.

Perhaps now is the time to admit that I have a little obsession with sticky notes and use them endlessly. I enjoy writing in my spiral bound chart, and I’m not sure I can give it up, but it has drawbacks, of course (it doesn’t sync up with my family’s calendars, and it’s not always convenient for me to walk around with me wherever I go).

I used many Paper planners over the years. Erin Kondrin. personal scheme. I made myself from a template that the talented SIL shared with me on InDesign. And she currently has Agendio. I’m hard to pick up on paper planners – volume, weekly planning, etc. sigh. It’s a complicated life to be tied to a paper planner, but I can’t imagine a world without my trusty girlfriend’s blueprint.

I’m curious: How do you plan your life? paper? electronic? Fly out of the seat of your pants?

7. PSA: Comfiest Dress in the World.

I cannot adequately describe how comfortable, cozy and cute it is this dress {Aff. Link}. Comes in a zillion color/pattern options. I have dark grey. Don’t think about it. Sizing cream. Also: It has pockets. Do I need to say more?

8. Have you seen?

I have heard a lot about K-drama Crash Landing On You. Did you watch it? I would like your opinions on whether it is worth watching. Depending on the subtitles, I won’t be able to multitask while watching, which is a major concern. And with multitasking, I’m not talking about doing anything too ambitious — like painting my toenails or filling out my paper planner. #nerd alert (If you have any other must-watch shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime, comment below!)

9. Hatch.

I told you several moons ago that I’ve got a talent Hatch recovery alarm system For my birthday from Brian and the kids. Here’s the report a few months later. Love her. My favorite setting is a gradual sunrise wake-up where the light comes on around the clock so I don’t run out of sleep due to the harsh alarm I’ve had in the last 40 years of my life.

I’ve also engaged in some of the meditations included with the app because I’m actually trying to establish a reasonable bedtime routine, rather than trying to fall asleep as fast as possible when I realize I’ve been up too late repeatedly. Anyway, I highly recommend it! It’s playable from an app on my phone, and I’m just warning you that it’s impossible to avoid going down the rabbit hole of wake-up sound options. Like, there are different kinds of wind sounds, and that’s just the beginning.

I’m not affiliated with the company at all, but I really like the clock/alarm clock. My only complaint is that even on the lowest brightness setting I feel the numbers on the clock are too bright in the darkness of the night, but that doesn’t outweigh my love for everything else about it.

10. School starts next week.

And I can’t believe I’m going to have three high school students, one middle student, and one elementary student left. Who am I and how did I get here? Also, I feel old. Also, I will probably start exercising again. And maybe not. Also, I’m getting everyone to pack their lunches this year. Also, I did this last year, so there hasn’t been much change from this lazy mom.

Also, good luck to all moms, dads, and other support staff for kids everywhere who are attacking a new school year, whether it’s public, private, home, virtual, whatever. May the force be with us all.

I love your courage! Thanks for being here. I say it all the time, but I mean it: you have no idea how grateful I am for this little corner of the internet where we can spend time together.

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