Get the curse out of the sun: Podcast


Get the curse out of the sun: Podcast

Youth !!

The most exciting thing will happen next week…my new book Get the fuck out of the sun The podcast series is now limited and you guys will love it.

Get the fuck out of the Sun podcast series

Get the curse out of the sun: Podcast

If you’ve ever wanted to sit down with celebrities and influencers and ask them all about their skin and beauty tips, then this podcast series is for you.

Just a little update on Get the fuck out of the sun

I’m by no means a skincare expert, just a practitioner lucky enough to get into the tricks of the trade. That’s why I went straight to the source.

That’s right – over 100 top influencers, celebrities, podcasters, doctors, and experts give us the juice. But wait, that’s not all – it would be like we’re at a raucous lunch together – seriously I’m pouring out every great tip I’ve taken over the past 11 years in the industry. So many skincare secrets, oh my.

Not only will you bookmark the book, you’ll want it on the coffee table as well. It’s cute, it’s bright pink, it looks hot on your Instagram feed… like it’s full of value.

You don’t have to read it cover to cover — in fact, grab a glass of iced rose and open it on any page to learn all things skincare related.

So who is this book for? Well, you- DUH. But it’s mostly for anyone curious about the best, most popular, and smartest skin tips – all in one device. Think of it as your personal SKINCARE resource – at your service.

But I couldn’t stop there. I wanted the conversation to continue, as always. So TA-DA! The LIMITED SERIES OF THE GTFOOTS PODCAST It will feature some of the best experts in the industry covering in depth all things beauty, skin and wellness.

Think of a light brunch with me and your friends and experts like…

Dr. Dennis Gross

Kristin Cavallari

Justin Anderson

Sean Jarrett

Melissa Wood Tipperberg

& more !!

Get rid of your skin and beauty tips

GTFOOTS Podcast Series

We’ll be covering the best foods to eat for glowing, healthy skin, non-invasive and preventative treatments and procedures you need to know, and fun skincare hacks you can get at the grocery store…nothing off limits.

Rest assured, I made it my mission to get super accurate in these episodes. I want you to get all the details and come up with valuable answers from your favorite teachers.

I can’t wait for you guys to hear the first episode. A new one will be released every Wednesday starting September 22nd wherever you listen to the podcast.

happy listening,

S, Lauren

+ Check why you need Get the fuck out of the sun on your coffee table.

++ leg Super Thick Secret Ice Roll.

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