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When it comes to growing edible plants, my record isn’t the best. Last year alone, I watched basil and rosemary wilt to death before my eyes. Then, my roommates and I naively planted celery in our lead-washed soil just to look out the window and watch the rabbits devour the stems. Finally, I lost my long-struggling tomato seedlings and knew it was time to put my dreamed up backyard garden to sleep.

Nevertheless, I craved fresh herbs and ollies (which wouldn’t wilt in my fridge just days after I brought it home from the supermarket) to savor the tedious pandemic meals. As will be fate, Instagram’s algorithm is delivered in the form of this Pigeon green onion grows several. I was already a fan of green onions, and the preparation seemed so self-explanatory – hard to spoil, even. Perhaps, I figured, a proud plant father could make out of this failed gardener.

You might wonder, why order a group to plant green onions when a mason jar appears to be on your windowsill Do the trick To anyone else? Well, the listed in my bio about the failures in the field of horticulture is that too: in a glass jar the water got stinky in a day, tired onions drooped hugely, dropped the jar from the windowsill more than once, covered the floor and my feet with onion water days ago .

Once I removed the packaging of my pigeon kit, I was pleased with the straightforward instructions and the ease of preparation: Everything came together in five minutes. I added water to the tray filling line and then soaked the included coconut fiber growth mat – a kind of porous pad that improves the humidity level and gives the scallion roots something to stick to. I grabbed several bunches of H-Mart green onions, chopped off the green ends to hold a batch of green onion muffins, and placed their white roots in a pigeon tray. I left the machine on the table, where I forgot to have the green onions. Almost overnight (well, fine, after three days), the tubular green leaves burst from the bulbs and flow into delicate, fine tips. One week after planting, they were green and green, ready to “harvest.”

My flatmates and I cooked lavishly with our space: decorating tacos and omelettes, sautéing and peeling them in oil, and chopping them into a salad with a green goddess herbal sauce. The Hamama range also allows me to regrow onions multiple times from the same roots, so I reward with a constant supply of graceful flavor and the freedom to cook for the versatile green onion experience. Has the growth kit reinvigorated my dream of having a backyard vegetable patch? Not yet, but these thumbs are getting greener day by day.


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