It is something every entrepreneur almost wants: to grow his or her business. The focus here is mainly on getting more customers. But make no mistake, there are many other elements with which you can increase your impact. I share my secrets that you can quickly put to grow your company.

In the past eight years, I have tried and discovered all kinds of things about growing my business. I can give a lot more tips to give your company a boost, but I will stick to this 10-step-step plan for now—step-by-step things that help me to grow my business. Also, listent to this ThinkTyler Podcast interviews Kurt Uhlir. It will also clear your mind for business.

1. View Your Business From A Distance

This is something I accidentally discovered. I was away for a week. Didn’t have to do anything and was allowed to do everything. I accidentally found that it brings me a lot for my company. The peace and relaxation made me see it all more clearly. I started looking at my company as an outsider at what I was doing. To observe. I discovered that there are all kinds of activities that I put a lot of time into and yield little. I made them too critical when I was busy. You get these kinds of insights when you are really at a distance from your company.

2. Let Go Of All Household Chores

A second tip I can give you has to do with housekeeping. Because if you write down what you have to do for that, or what you think you have to do, it fills your head. It blurs the thoughts of your company. Oh, I actually have to clean up that laundry, the dishwasher has to be unpacked, and oh, the washing machine beeps so annoyingly again, well then I will empty it. Or you are just thinking and looking outside and see those dirty windows that have to be done again. And what are we eating today? Well, enough examples, I think. They fill your head, create temptations to postpone that less enjoyable job for a while, and therefore immediately cost time. Imagine if you don’t have to do anything,

Tip: when you leave, it often gets more accessible. At least I have. I see the chores with myself, but with someone else or when I’m away for a week, I can just let go. It’s nice to see for yourself what you can do to make your household list completely blank.

3. Make Sure Your (hidden) Agenda Is Empty

Then the next. The plan. They are full of actions that we would like to take up. We often already know that it is not at all feasible to get all that done. Nice and demotivating. In addition, there is a kind of a must, so that it does not flow. When something has to be done, it often does not get out of my hands. But if I create space to allow what wants to arise, I will succeed. It, therefore, helps to keep your plan empty at least one day a week (preferably once a week). And no, no hidden to-dos either. I am very good at that myself, haha.😉I’m not going to do anything for a week and see what comes out of the flow, but I hope that I will finish that website, take new photos, and write 20 social media posts. So that doesn’t work. Allow yourself that everything is allowed and nothing is required. Then you will create the most beautiful things because you do it from your natural flow.

4. Check what you are doing.

What are you doing? Who do you do with? How are your services designed? How much time do you spend on business? These are all examples of questions that you can ask yourself. And above all: is this also what makes you happy? Or do you do it because you once started that way, everyone does it that way, or because you think it should be done that way? Skip that nonsense and be stubborn. Take a critical look at your company and see where you can focus on it and how you can do more business the way you want. How else can you build a business around your life the way you want to live it most? Don’t forget: as an entrepreneur, you have complete freedom to do it the way you want. So take that one too.😉

5. Determine Your (new) Dot On The Horizon

New insights you have gained in tip four can also change your dot on that horizon. What do you want to work towards in the coming years? What does this mean for the goals you want to set for the coming year, and more concretely: what could be on your to-do list this month? Every year, I check my goals and whether they still suit me, my life, and my company. Over time, we change ourselves, our lives, and sometimes unexpected turns come our way in our company. This can cause all kinds of shifts. So important: check your dot on the horizon and discover whether this still matches what you prefer to do. And it is also essential to look at what you are doing now and whether it matches your goals. Are you working strategically or just filling up your time?

6. Grab Your Growth Opportunities And Make An Action Plan

It is effortless: if you want to grow, you have seized your growth opportunities. Sometimes you feel that you have to stop with certain things and, above all, that you want to start with something that seems super cool to you. You see what you have to do to be able to take new steps and grow your company. For example, you want to use social media on a structural basis, finally start developing that online program, or get started with setting up a funnel to turn a webinar viewer into a customer.

I would say: if you feel it, go for it! Take your enthusiasm seriously and go for it. Make it concrete by making an action plan. What steps do you have to take? And don’t forget: you don’t have to see the entire staircase to take the first step. Even if it is exciting and you are not sure what steps to take: start ‘just.’ You can do it!🙂

7. Spar And Learn From Other Entrepreneurs

In one way or another, entrepreneurs often think they have to do everything themselves. That starts with all the tasks that come with entrepreneurship, such as accounting and maintaining your social media. In addition, most entrepreneurs often work alone: ​​friendly and accessible from home. As a result, we often miss such a moment to present ideas to other entrepreneurs, spar with each other, and exchange knowledge/experience. And let there be just as much added value in that. Imagine that you want to do something that someone else already has experience in and that he/she can tell you what worked for him/her and what didn’t. Can you save a lot of time, money, and energy? It works the other way around, of course. How nice it is to help each other in this way to grow each other’s businesses.

8. Work Outdoors For Creativity

As I elaborate on this point, I begin to giggle. Because guess what: I now work outside the home. I sit at Cocoon in Hoogezand at the laptop bar with a view of a group of nice ladies drinking a cup of coffee in the sun. I regularly work (part of) out of the house for a day. I have discovered that it makes me more creative. By being in a different environment, I get into additional energy that makes it flow nicely. Sometimes when it doesn’t come out at the office, I drive to a nice coffee place, and it just pops out—special every time. Even when I go away for a week to work at my company, I regularly sit down for a morning or an afternoon. Friendly and busy, and meanwhile, be pampered with a nice drink and snack.

9. Get Started When You Feel Like It

You are getting started when you feel like it is so lovely. Then you can convey that feeling that you want to put into it and your customer will also feel much more attracted and connected to you. You want to work from wanting, not from having to. We often experience the latter, and the strange thing is: we often have to do it from ourselves, or we have thought that it should be from someone else. For a lot of work, it is essential to do it from the enthusiasm to get started. Then you make the most beautiful things, and it is also much more manageable.

And not unimportantly: it ensures that connection with your target group. It is, therefore, essential to create space to work from your flow. This can be done by setting up a part of the day a week and saying: I don’t need anything and permit myself to do only what I feel like doing at that moment. I have organized my company in such a way that I have a lot of free time. Having a valuable annual track, mastermind weeks, and online programs, I have a lot of time to create when I feel like it. So do not stamp out something that is not in there for a while. The chances are that you will do it again because you do not feel it yourself. I speak from experience, haha.😉

10. Make Practical Meters: Do It!

Okay, you have already received a lot of tips, but this may be the most important. Do what you have to do! Time for action! Go with that Banana! Activity in the taxi. Because if you know what you want, you have steps to take to get closer to your goals. And getting closer to your goals means growing as an entrepreneur and with your company. Many entrepreneurs have perfect ideas, which they do not start anyway. They feel inhibited in one way or another, find it exciting, and have critical thoughts about it that do not have a stimulating effect, shall we say.😉Do you want to grow with your company, then structurally get to work practically, take steps and above all, keep moving. Of course, it is essential to stop and take a moment to see how things are going, to make adjustments where possible, and above all, to enjoy the steps you have already taken. But DO it around it. For example, it helps to set a fixed time in the week to get started.

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