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Guide To Lesbian Sex By Undercover Skinny

Zara Barrie is back today with the third and final installment of her Pride Month series. If you missed her first two posts, be sure to check them out Here & Here.

Like I said before, I love having Zara on the blog because she’s real, raw, honest and funny. Plus, she never shy away from taboo topics… as you can tell from the title of this post.

Today Zara tells us everything we wanted to know about lesbian sex. She thinks of scissors, belts, manicure etiquette (LOL) and so much more.



We’ve been through Much together is not it? We dived deep into the dark and stormy waters of a Liked girl. We have lifted the veil from the mysterious underworld lesbian dating. What can we be left to talk about?

Just the most amazing theme ever, my dear. sex. Not just any gender. Sapphic sex. meow.

I know – I I know -that no matter where you fall on the broad spectrum of sexuality, everyone is at least a little curious about lesbian sex. I can’t say I blame you. The mainstream media sells us live sex in every TV show, movie, and commercial. But they do not dare to touch the wild and wonderful world of sex with lesbian girls.

In fact, when lesbians are portrayed in the media, we are usually portrayed as less sexualized. We are quick-tempered women dressed like gym teachers in ugly crew cuts in bermuda shorts screaming at the young, lively neighbor to keep his rock band going. When in fact, we gay kids have the hottest sex out there. I suppose the responsible suits are a bit afraid that if they show how hypersexual and multi-orgasmic is in the lesbian world *in fact* do their wives tend to switch teams?

I do not know. I am not a sociologist. I’m a lesbian! Lesbian is about to give you some hilarious little truth bombs about having sex with a gay girl on this wonderful day.

Also, before you get a file provoking factor Underwear is in evolution, please remember this: I’m not speaking for every lez in the stratosphere. I’m speaking strictly based on my own experience, the experiences of my friends, and the hundreds of women I’ve met in my career as a sex and dating writer. But you’re smart, you already knew that, right? I mean there No way One little person can represent the entire population, my prince?!

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s slip into our silky pajamas, blow up some old school Melissa Etheridge, and talk sex.

Fasten seat belts. This will be Fun.

Homosexual Truth Bomb #1: mainstream porn is lying to you.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if your lesbian older sister didn’t tell you, who would? Here it goes: Unless you’ve been watching underground feminist porn from San Francisco – the lesbian porn you’ve seen is not what real gay sex seems. not even a Little Little.

Most of the lesbian porn out there is designed for the pleasure of watching straight guys. That is why girls have long acrylic nails, long blonde hair and wear matching floral underwear. Sometimes my nails go in the long side and I like my pink clothes As far as the next female girl, but let me assure you…. My partners and I don’t wear identical (ewe, scary) underwear and we don’t make them sounds

Lesbian Sex Truth Bomb #2: The definition of lesbian sex is loose.

Ask Five Different Lesbians About Lesbian Sex Really He & you will get ten different answers.

Meet five of my friends:

Lisa: “Lesbian sex is Oral sex. ”

Leah: “No it’s not! Lesbian sex is when you use a garter belt!”

Ray: “Lesbian sex doesn’t require a bond, Leah. It should only involve penetration. The number of fingers. As fists.

Suzy: “You’re all wrong, she’s totally scissors!”

Amanda: “There is no lesbian scissors in real life, this is a porn thing. Lesbian sex is defined by having an orgasm.”

Leah Wray: “We’re scissors!”

Me: “Can you guys close F UP please?!”

This is a very common discussion in my group of friends i.e. because I write a lot of sex and dating content and often exploit my beautiful friends in the name of search. But this common argument accurately proves my point: There is no consistent definition of “sex” when you are dealing with homosexual sex. Our sex is not as linear as straight sex, which I think makes it very confusing. It is very mysterious and subtle in the eye of the beholder.

So when you hear a strange baby girl say, “We finally had sex!” Don’t assume you know what you mean by that. can mean a abundance or excess of things.

How do I define lesbian sex for myself? Scissors, Orgasm, Strap-style, Fingering, Oral, Business. This is all sex to me, baby. But then again, I’m a greedy fan who loves him All.

Lesbian Sex Bomb Truth #3. Some of Us * * * Scissors. Not all of us, but some of us. (I do).

So what is this scandalous act that everyone is always about?

first of All The term “technical” (ha!) is called “Tribbing” which is when one rubs the vulva on their partner’s body.

The classic term “tribbing” discussed in pop culture usually refers to this act specifically: two women clasping their spread legs while rubbing their vulvas together. The legs look like two sets of grinding scissors, hence the beautiful little name “the scissors. ”

I know I know. It looks… complicated. And trust me, it is. I’ve been kicked in the head at least ten times and I’ve definitely pulled a muscle or two – but when I’m in the scissors groove with my partner and we start to the right rhythm Brainstorming.

In my experience, the scissors were more than worth the weird head kick and muscle spasm, but I kind of freaked out. A lot of outspoken lesbians on the internet will vehemently insist that “no lesbian actually has scissors!” And while that may be true of them, it is certainly not true of all of us. I think the reason so many lesbians find themselves pushed by the idea of ​​”scissors” is because it’s so unrealistically portrayed in male-directed porn. I get it, but I refuse to let male porn directors stop me from expressing my love for scissors.

Gay Truth Bomb #4: Belt on Sex Not Like having sex with a man.

“Wait even if you had sex with girls strap on Dildos, why not just go for the real deal? ”

I’ve been asked this question more times than I can count on my freshly manicured hands! But hey. I see how this can be a confusing concept for those who have never swam in a girl’s pool.

Let your big lesbian sister sweetly explain why you’re having sex with a woman Not Absolutely the same as having toy sex with a heterosexual boy.

I am attracted to women. I love the way they taste. I love the way they smell. I love their booty, their luster, their the bodys. the way they are Kiss. the way they are moving. The woman excites me. And when we have sex, it’s the unique way they taste, move, smell, etc., that sends me into orgasm.

When we add a little extra penetration with a strap, a dildo doesn’t suddenly happen Negates The fact that she is a woman. It is not suddenly inhabited by the smells and voices of males. still Ha – Just with the welcome addition of a sparkly sex toy to add a little extra spice to the already fun fun.

Gay Truth Bomb #5: We are as messy as everyone else.

Perhaps because two women and two women are expected to be polite little girls – but for whatever reason – many straight people seem shocked to discover that some we I just want unfettered sex.

Here’s the truth: we do. Not only that, we get stuck in bars, bombarded, and do stupid things—like coming home with our toxic experiences vowing never to talk to her again. We fail. we cheat. We have one night stands. We make stupid mistakes. Like sleeping with a friend, or even worse with a friend the previous. Lesbian on Tinder. detailed. OkCupid. Rhea. All applications. Lesbian players. Vocabboys. House wreck. foxes. Hearts break. Freaks. hollow. sex mad. Horny irrepressible.

My straight girlfriends always say things like, “Oh, Zara, you don’t get it! Lesbians have much easier. No woman can do who – which to another woman.” Oh, let me assure you that we can do it who – which, what ever who – which he is. This and then some, dear!

In short: We are as messy as everyone else. Maybe even more messy than your average hetero. Look, many of us didn’t even start spinning the naughty blonde sex wheel until after high school. We still have a lot of drama, mistakes, and sex out of our systems!

Homosexual Truth Bomb #6: Nails are important.

I love a good manicure as much as I love a cold glass of champagne on the beach. I like cute tapered acrylic too. And while lez can totally rock any nail style she wants to rock – one must be careful when venturing into a woman’s undertones with his or her fingers. Very sharp and painful! The girl’s parts are delicate! The dirt under the nails is disrespectful & Unacceptablee. If it’s your first time with a woman, to be safe, I’d say at least keep those nails trimmed and clean.

Homosexual Truth Bomb #7: Our orgasms are really insane.

It’s true and I’m sorry (not really, but you get the feelings). I made several laps around the sex block and let me tell You are. Women are often always selfless lovers who are deeply invested in their partner’s orgasm. Don’t hurry. They understand the art of good suspense. In addition, you can not fake it with a woman. And the beauty is that you don’t need to because girls usually know what’s going on there. And if they don’t, they are Requests. There is a wealth of information guys can learn from us (boys DM me for tips).

I could write twenty articles on lesbian sex and still haven’t finished. There is a lot of exciting ground to cover. We haven’t even discussed the tops, bottoms, and pillows of princesses, daddies, and cardigans yet! But hey, I can’t give up everything, right far. This wouldn’t be like a lady.

In the meantime, clip those nails, extend your limbs before scissors, buy yourself a classy Italian leather belt from the sex shop, don’t believe everything you see in porn, trust your body. if you want it; Try it. Sex is weak and constantly moving like Ocean.

And if you need advice on anything at all, your lesbian big sister is always there for you. Like I said earlier, if you’ve made it this far, you’re officially under my big sister’s wing now. And you are safe here. I Prepare.




Here you are. Happy pride to all. And if you missed Zara’s other posts at skinny secretMake sure you check it out:

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S, Lauren

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