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What are you up to this weekend? We are excited to announce that our second collaboration with Alex Mill begins this Tuesday! (Our first collaboration was a year ago.) We created a piece we’ve always wanted and hope you’ll love. Register here-If you want to raise the head. In the meantime, have a good weekend, here are some fun links from around the web…

Watching the new HBO show White Lotus? Teens are the best part.

this is the address It made me laugh.

how cute she is These shoes are for date nights?

dramatic London before and after.

The best pictures from the Olympics.

16 tips for my college-bound daughter. “Always drink a couple of drinks less than you think you want. You’ll have more enjoyment in life if you’re attentive to it, before you drink from second to last, when evening rolls around. If you drink too much, you’re missing out on those beautiful, wild moments. You basically miss them.” If you master the art of drinking the right amount of sugar, you will have more fun.”

The biggest lesson from Ted Lasso.

ha ha ha.

little love stories. (The New York Times)

PEN15 releases a special animated movie About a family trip to Florida.

good news: where are youGreat wine subscription service, offers 4 bottles of wine for $30 (50% off + free shipping). We love serving their wine when friends come over. Go here to try them.

Plus three comments for readers:

Sasha says 10 readers share their habits: “A few years ago, at 45, I found myself totally exhausted and exhausted. I was having panic attacks. Because I was feeling weak, I started doing push-ups in every way. On the first day, I could do two. Every few days, I try to add A day or two. It was tough. But because I didn’t push too hard at all, I kept moving forward. I swear them all my day; and whenever I panicked, I fell and did a bit. They helped! Massively. By the end of the year, I was doing a hundred. A hundred days It was amazing. I never skipped a day. Now, I do 200 day in and day out. As of August 4, I had completed 43,200 this year. What I learned: We are capable of so much, when we start small and don’t give up. Pushups are a part of my life now. Like brushing my teeth. Am I torn right now? You better believe it! And mentally I feel more capable, strong, and able to handle difficult things. I’m proud of myself.”

says HA The perks of living alone: “My VIP and I have a trick to decide the issues we’re divided on: ‘Who cares more?'” Rule. If A wants a certain choice, but B will crash because he doesn’t get his choice, you should choose B. This allows us to put the person’s feelings about choice front and center. I am constantly amazed at the choices that each We were fine giving them away (room makeover/choosing a bookshelf) and none of them we had to go our way (loading the dishwasher/papers)!

Kat says summer pleasures: “Have dinner at the poolside snack bar. Stand that hot bullshit when you were nine years old, and my mom definitely felt the same way to not have to deal with dinner.”

(Photo courtesy of aiaiaicchi.)

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