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Photo by Natasha Saadi

What are you up to this weekend? I was reading Everything I have not told you By Celeste Ng and really enjoy it. (Staying too late to finish classes!) Hope you have a good class – stay warm – and here are some links from all over the web …

I like the sleeve on this Nice jacket.

Scandinavian directions To make life feel comfortable. (The New Yorker)

What does sleeping with a child look like.

How beautiful she is This living room arch?

Rice with chicken it looks delicious.

A new cup of peanut butter from Reese.

Will you watch Oprah interview with Megan and Harry This sunday?

The advice my parents gave me in exchange for the advice I would give my children. (The New Yorker)

Cold candles.

Mom, your dream vacation awaits in this dentist’s chair. (I have to admit, I’m kind of attached to this!)

My God, beautiful nature.

And great news: Elementary children She is offering 30% discounts on her signature styles to celebrate her 6th birthday. Use the COJ code for 20% off everything else, plus free shipping for new customers. (we love these!!!)

Plus three comments for our readers:

Say SP on What is missing from epidemic marriage: “I broke up with my partner a long time ago around Christmas, so while I don’t have that experience much, I love reading all of you love stories! I’ve been reading COJ since I was a lonely teen in a small southern town, and I feel like I grew up. And I’m looking for writers and commentators here. So that’s the way you like it, so this is the way you live. What a nice, funny, and open group of people we have here! ”

Mallory says What is missing from epidemic marriage: “On that day, my husband and I were jokingly arguing about who’s funnier, me or him. I texted my friends, it’s definitely me, right ?? My friend texted saying, ‘Well, remember that time In which I broke one of your wine glasses and felt so bad, and his response was to throw his wine glass against the wall to break his glass too? That was hilarious. I forgot all about how funny he is with others! I laughed so hard at the memory and couldn’t wait to be able to See it through other people’s eyes again. “

J says 7 things that surprised me about breastfeeding: “Breastfeeding is great! And that is not breastfeeding! For any parent who is struggling with the inability to breastfeed or chooses not to, be comfortable in knowing that your baby will still look at you when you bring him a bottle of formula or pump breast milk. In stare deep into your eyes as they take their bottle, while remembering each other’s faces. Your breasts / chest will still provide the safest and most comfortable place in the world where they will turn and sleep to the sound of your heartbeat. They will never remember how they were fed, but they will know deep down that they were Loved immeasurably and their stomachs were always full. “

(Photo courtesy of Photography Natashja Saadi. Reese’s link via Kottke.)

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