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What are you up to this weekend? The weather today is like spring and I’m excited to leave my jacket at home! The sun’s rays feel refreshing on our faces. Hope you have a good link, here are some fun links from all over the web …

Beauty product I have used it every day this year.

Jenny reveals it New cookbook cover.

This anecdote made me laugh. Very charming.

Pieces of ’80s movies if their protagonists were people of color. (The New Yorker)

how wonderful she is These travel photos are of the United Kingdom?

Curious to try This is a nudge trick.

I am not ready to end the isolation!(New York Magazine)

My husband Alex looks like Seth Rogen, and Seth Rogen agreesHaha. (The New York Times)

the most beautiful Christmas candles.

Brave and beautiful article About the experience of sponsoring an adoption for a single girl. “Did we do something bad? Weren’t we enough? Nobody said, and we knew better than the question. We went without crying or even complaining, as if childhood was some kind of war, and we were soldiers.” (The New York Times)

Plus three comments for our readers:

Twyla says Conversations with a seven-year-old childMy husband and I don’t have any children, but my husband is very young and constantly fights on water / snowball fights with kids in our apartment complex. In fact they ring the doorbell and ask if he can go out and play (he’s 45 years old) We found out how unaware of his true age when one of the boys told him, “I am telling your mother!”, Which they did. To me.

Tony says What are the quirks in your home: “My former apartment building in the Upper West Side was amazing. There was a woman walking around the halls randomly screaming,“ I made a lemon bar ”and suddenly the doors would open and there would be happy hour a little lemon in the halls… In with the grocery store every week (there was no response from Rose) … the early kid with his very shy parents who once asked me, “Do you live with your friends?” Perfect in a big building. It really felt like home. “

Says Tricia Conversations with a seven-year-old child: “We laughed a lot at what our four-year-old said recently. My husband came down with a flannel shirt and our son said, ‘Dad! We are not going to a wedding! Take off the fancy wedding suit! I think it’s been some time since he wore a button-down … About a year, to be exact. “

(Photo courtesy of Photography Chica.)

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