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Gardens by Éva Németh

What are you up to this weekend? We’ll watch the new movie the fatherThat sounds amazing. I also read Eddie Richter is not aloneA wonderful novel about a woman whose father suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. Hope you have a good one – Samitch Chag For those who celebrate Easter! Here are some links from all over the web …

The perfect shampoo For my hair. (Check the before and after.)

Gorgeous! That late belly sound is so cool.

Why did Princess Diana hair Look like this? (New York Magazine)

I can’t wait to see Alice Neal Gallery In dead.

35 things you can do for yourself today. (She liked number 21.)

Matzo Ice Box Cake.

The new movie Shiva Bibi Looks great.

I lived 18 years in solitary confinement. ” (The New York Times)

Oooh, What a wonderful garden. And This, very.

When I first started training massage. ” (Atlantic Ocean)

Love These black pants.

Soraya Caesar Salad, Of all things.

Plus three comments for our readers:

Says the AKP The magic of clearing the mind from swimming in cold water: “I am part of a group of women who gather every morning to swim. Sure, we wait for spring to start, but there is nothing more magical than seeing a group of women walking through the woods to gather on the edge of a lake at sunrise, peeling their clothes, and wading in the water. It’s a secret I enjoy carrying it all day. The pantry is out of the pills I wanted? That’s cool, I started my day swimming naked! “

Veronika says on The magic of clearing the mind from swimming in cold water: “I’m going to have IVF – we lost the last time in 10 weeks a few months ago – so it was tough. My husband has been taking a cold shower for years, but I always struggle since I hate cold water. One day I was so low and thought, Well, I do That now. I was screaming and singing at first, it was so cold. But coming out, I felt joy. It’s been three months now and I’m loving it; I feel so much better every time! It is also good practice to teach yourself not to be afraid and simply act on your decision : “I will enter.” Then enter. “

Christian AE says in An unlikely conversation starter: “As an Asian child born and raised in Canada, I found myself wondering why my parents never used words of affection the way families did on TV. What I didn’t realize was that the gesture of cleaning, peeling, and cutting fruit for us to enjoy together was a movement filled with the kind of love, attention, and care that I believed.” Lulu and Lola were always peeling grapes (!) For my sister and me. A green apple was chopped into homogeneous pieces and sprinkled with salt to chop through the acidity. Far be it for the oranges, grapefruit and peeled pomelo they have any leftovers before dividing the sections among our family members. I get old, trying to eat fruit as part of my diet. Sometimes I spend time peeling this orange in a way that makes my family proud. My lolos are long gone, but I miss them badly every time I have fruit for dessert. “

(Photo by UK home and garden by Eva Nemeth.)

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