Healthy ways to increase your energy


Healthy ways to increase your energy

We can all use more energy. Last year, it was … a lot. at least.

Well, as always, I got you.

These tips are all things that really help me boost my energy. They are things I discovered and advice I got from the professionals in our interviews Skinny undercover for him and her Podcast.

Healthy ways to increase your energy

Secret Skinny Tips to Boost Energy:

♡ Breathe in Wim Hove:

Wim Hof’s breathing method completely changed my postpartum experience.

Wim Hof ​​was introduced to me by 2 of my favorite people: Tim Ferris & Ryan Holiday. It is known as snowman & Has set several Guinness World Records records for being primarily a snowman.

His body can withstand very cold temperatures which is an extreme sports definition. I had to Him and her Podcast Not long ago either.

Wim ran barefoot and shirtless marathons near the Arctic Circle, swam under arctic ice and sat in ice baths for 1.5 hours. He says what made him go through these milestones was the breathing exercise.

As my research continued on Wim, I discovered that his wife committed suicide after a long period of depression, and Wim developed this meditation to help people live happier, healthier, and stronger lives. What I ended up doing was a method that had amazing benefits.

Oh, and Gwyneth Paltrow is a huge fan, too. So much so, that Wim appeared in Episode 2 of Goop Lab On Netflix.

Anyway, let’s get straight into it …

How to do the Wim Hoff method:

First, find a comfortable place to sit. Lately, my favorite places have been somewhere out in nature or in front of the red light of a Hollow (the founders were there Podcast One must listen). So sit back, relax, and follow Wim’s way Youtube It is about 10 minutes.

What you do is take 30 fast, deep breaths, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Then you take another deep breath, and exhale for as long as possible until you need to breathe again. Inhale again, hold for 10 seconds and repeat.

It may sound confusing but check His video For details. It’s so easy to follow when you do it with him and seriously, life has changed for me.

Freeze cold showers:

Here’s the real cherry on top … Second she finishes breathing, hopping in a very cold, cold bath for 3 minutes. Personally, I love to hear Daily Stoics Podcast By Ryan Holiday while I’m doing it because most episodes are 2-4 minutes long.

So set the alarm for 3 minutes Scrape your tongueAnd the Dry brush (But it’s not dry because it’s under the LOL shower), and wash off with the best ever Eucalyptus body lotion kit.

After that you will immediately feel refreshed from the breath and cold shower. Wim recommends taking a cold shower right after the breathing procedure.

Make water excite:

You guys probably know by now that I’m a big fan of Hydro Flask and that I love having sex with water. Not only does it make you drink more water, but it also gives you additional nutrients and vitamins depending on what you add.

More herbs and fruits equals more benefits. simple. You should know that I love the addition too Gangster Chic Brand H2onulin Moisturizing Multiplier. It’s full of insulin fibers, electrolytes and fills the bloodstream more efficiently than water alone.

My friend Ingrid (Founder Gangster Chic) says so The H20NULIN Super Conduction System helps water and key functional ingredients absorb into the bloodstream faster. Usually, when you drink fluids, they pass through your entire digestive system, losing water and other nutrients before your body can absorb them. H20NULIN uses a precise ratio of sodium, calcium, magnesium, and potassium to create an osmotic powerhouse that allows water and other ingredients to be delivered into the bloodstream early in the digestive tract. ”

Being hydrated is good for your overall health and energy levels. By the way, our bodies are mostly made up of water.

Anyway, here are 3 of my favorite water formulas …

Citrus lime
Lemon, lime, mint, and ginger (and possibly A. Charcoal stick )

Pink potion
Berries, lemon and mint.

Pomegranate Elixir
Pomegranate seeds, pepper powder, lemon and ginger.

I’m just throwing all that shit into a file Water pitcher or Aqueous flask And mix it with ice and water.

Red Light Therapy and Red Light LEDs:

Red light therapy is totally part of my life and I do it all the time. I wake up and do this for 10 minutes while I’m breathing (see above). So let’s get into the benefits of red light therapy and how to do it.

What are the benefits of red light therapy?

♡ Safe and well tolerated.

♡ Reduces inflammation.

Less muscle pain and pain when exercising.

♡ Natural Pain Relief Therapy.

♡ Helps treat arthritis and joint pain.

Helps heal wounds and burns.

♡ It can boost your mood and reduce depression.

Helps with bone and tissue injuries. { Across }

(I also want to mention that it has helped people develop hyperpigmentation. Goodbye to brown mustache! I need all the help I can get. But seriously, it has also shown positive results for people with Vitiligo, Eczema and Psoriasis.)

Michael, my husband, has a big Joovv red light panel in his office. It’s big, it works, it gets the job done. Like I said, I’ll be standing in front of this for 10 minutes a day, then at night we’ll use the red lights.

Yeah, Red LEDs, Which you can buy from amazon, to help us relax at night. They really create that calming atmosphere in the bedroom and lower your cortisol (the stress hormone) before bed. Life has really changed.

So why red light therapy?

Our cells need natural light to function, just as they need water and nutrients from food. Unfortunately, most people don’t get as much of the natural light they need for optimal health (the average American spends more than 90% of their time indoors). Red light therapy allows you to supplement the light you get from your environment with focused wavelengths of red and near infrared light in the home.

Red light therapy works by enhancing your energy production at the cellular level. Healthy natural light stimulates mitochondria, cell power, and promotes cellular respiration that produces ATP (adenosine triphosphate) energy. Humans make ATP every day, and it fuels everything we do. The more energy our cells can produce, the better our bodies will look, recover, feel, and perform. { Across }

Joovv’s large paintings are an investment (but Michael and I think it’s worth it). Aside from all the benefits of red light therapy, it only provides a relaxing and calming position. Isn’t that just what you need after giving birth?

♡ grounding:

Getting out, walking, and soaking in nature are some of the best things you can do for yourself.

My husband, dog, and I would take the baby out in the stroller (with a huge glass of water, ice, lemon, and cayenne, of course) and just walk. It was great to move my body every morning.

Another great thing to do is grounding. Sure, it’s kind of like walking, but you have to be barefoot. Bear with me …

Grounding, or “grounding”, whatever you want to call it, has completely changed the game for me.

First, let’s start with this question: When was the last time you let your bare feet touch the actual ground? Not your marble or wood floor or your carpet. I’m not even talking about your balcony. Real land – grass, sand, beach. 99% of people can’t even remember.

Basically the grounding theory is that our body is supposed to have as much contact with the ground as possible (such as not having a shoe). Electrons accumulate in the form of free radicals (yuck- from wifi) in us and direct contact with Earth balances this with the opposite effect. In the past this would have happened naturally because we weren’t wearing shoes … Now we need to make it happen … but let’s dive into it.

Let’s learn:

So it allows your skin to touch ground ions. The best way to do this is to place my feet in the sand. You should know that I do this even with my daughter. I’ll take her little feet and hands and make sure she touches the ground as much as I can.

How to grind:

♡ Go outside and get your feet in some weed, sand or dirt.

♡ You can even use ceramic tiles or concrete floor in your basement if you have one. There should not be any kind of material between it and your feet (such as carpet, hardwood, etc.).

Grounding sheet. Every home has a network of ground wires connecting the electrical source to the ground. This helps complete the circuit by using the ground instead of your body, so you can touch TVs, mixers, etc. without ever having to slide.

The grounding plate plugs into a regular outlet and connects to the ground wires in your home wiring (not the electrical source, so you don’t have to worry about plugging overnight). Since it conducts energy all the way to the ground, you can have a full night of grounding without sleeping on the lawn. It is usually made of cotton and a fine silver thread for conduction, so the plate will transfer negative electrons from the ground to your body and neutralize the positive charges. ” Across )

♡ There are already grounding shoes. They are shoes that have a type of conductive material built into them so you can land all day long while you stride. In fact, there seem to be a lot of “grounding” stealthy style shoes out there.

Just remember, these are special shoes and if there is rubber on your shoes, that means they do not hurt you.

♡ grounding mat. This would be a great thing to use while working to cancel the electromagnetic field from your computer, phone or tablet. You can also get floor mats for your bed so you can get all the benefits while you sleep. Speaking of the benefits, let’s get to it.

Benefits of grounding or grounding. (There is a ton !!):
Regulates cortisol.

Cortisol is the stress hormone in your body and all I want is to lower it. You might have heard me talk about this once or 50 times. When your cortisol is regulated, it means that the stressful situation will not affect you for long. You can recover easily and not feel anxious for long afterward.

Get rid of free radicals.

You’ve probably heard all about free radicals before and how antioxidants neutralize them. Well, grounding also neutralizes them which means they will not be around to damage the cells in our body.

♡ No more fighting or escaping.

Grounding helps your body go from stress or flight to a more recovering state.

More benefits….

♡ Reduces inflammation.

♡ Improves sleep.

♡ Improves immunity.

It reduces some factors of cardiovascular disease.

Relieves pain.

♡ Accelerates healing time.

Helps with menstrual cramps.

Reduces the electrical fields caused by the body.

Improves glucose regulation.

Reduces osteoporosis indicators.

♡ Reduces anxiety and depression.

♡ Supports adrenal health.

And as I said, hangover can really be a cure.

The only technique I’ve tried is to put my bare feet on the ground – the beach is my favorite. But I would love to try the grounding rug soon.

Just believe me and try it. You will feel better. Plus, it’s the best hangover remedy.

TA-DA! Boost your energy. All it really takes is a little self-care every day, and routines that become habits and will prepare you to take on whatever comes your way.

What habit do you have that gives you the most energy? Share below.

Q, Lauren

+ The Best green juice Which Reese Witherspoon loves.

++ Gluten-free sourdough bread You need to try, in addition to wine that does not cause a hangover.

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