Home Insurance What Are The Guarantees To Look For


Home insurance offers a wide range of guarantees. Its primary function is to protect the family inheritance, to say, all the policyholder’s assets, whether it is movable or immovable property. In this sense, good insurance should cover the most common accidents: fire, water damage, civil liability, etc. The cost of insurance can vary according to the risks and according to the guarantees subscribed and the location of the accommodation, among others.

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Why buy home insurance?

The unexpected often happens when you least expect it, which is why many households take out home insurance, including guarantees that best suit their profile and their budget. It should be noted that the insurance is intended to ensure both buildings and everything inside, against various damages and accidents, such as natural disasters, burglaries, and fires, among others.

In this context, the insurance company makes an inventory of your goods and their value to keep a file and to be able to make adequate compensation in the event of a claim. Suppose the insured acquires new valuables during the insurance contract term and wishes to include them in his home insurance. In that case, he can declare them so that they are included in the list drawn up by his insurance company. ‘insurance.

Another aspect of being aware of is that some insurance companies ask you for an inventory of your property’s value. In the event of a claim, the insurance company will examine your file. The answer may be given to you shortly, depending on the insurer and the total amount of compensation.

What are the possible guarantees and cover?

If you consider purchasing home insurance, remember that there are different types of coverage, and each has a different price, depending on the coverage and warranties purchased. Ideally, you should assess the guarantees you need and compare the different formulas to find the deal right for you. To do this, do not hesitate to use an online insurance comparator.

Whether it’s a house or an apartment, prices vary and depend on what you are looking to insure (the building, the contents, or both), as well as the type of guarantees you want to take out, plus the additional benefits you are looking for. For those on a tight budget, basic home insurance is an attractive option, as it includes essential coverage.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: This cover is responsible for protecting your home in the event of fire, explosion, water damage, such as flooding or water leaks, among others, in addition to the damage caused by natural disasters.
  • Property damage: This coverage takes effect if you also ensure the contents and covers losses caused by a burglary, for example.
  • Civil liability: in the event of an incident affecting third parties.

It should be noted that some insurers include additional benefits in their home insurance plans, such as emergency assistance, ambulances, etc. For this purpose, even by taking out the essential coverage, you can access several advantages. Ultimately, you decide which guarantees are the most consistent.

What is a civil liability?

It is essential to be aware of several factors. If you are building your house, the contractor must take out a ten-year guarantee. It is also recommended to take out home liability insurance during the construction phase. These insurances terminate upon completion of the construction work. The ten-year period begins to come into force upon receipt of the works.

It guarantees the insured and his family peace of mind against the risks of damage to third parties for which they are responsible, even if the damage was caused accidentally. In this sense, home liability insurance covers damage that the insured or the persons he is personally responsible for causes to third parties or their assets.

Liability coverage also covers general damage that may be caused to third parties and occupants inside and outside the insured home and damage caused by home employees and pets. Also, this coverage generally includes the legal defense of the insured in the event of claims.

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