How A Title IX Lawyer Can Help College Students And Graduate School Students Accused Of Sexual Misconduct


A Title IX Lawyer is an experienced attorney with the skills and knowledge to help clients navigate complex and confusing issues arising from the discrimination that takes place in educational settings. We can assist you at any time, whether you want to submit a claim or require help to defend yourself.

College Students and Graduate School Students Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Under federal law, colleges and universities must adhere to strict standards for admission as well as treatment, employment and all activities that take place on their campuses or at the work of their employees. These guidelines must be followed to prevent discrimination, harassment, and violence.

This includes a school’s policies, procedures, and personnel who oversee the investigation and disciplinary process. A defense attorney can review the policies, procedures and personnel of a school in order to determine whether they are fair given the laws that govern them.

The rules for sexual misconduct can vary greatly from campus to campus, and the process that students go through when accused of sexual misconduct can be confusing and complicated. If you have been charged with Title IX sexual misconduct, it is important to speak with an experienced lawyer right away.

If you’re the subject of an investigation under Title IX Lawyer Jacksonville inquiry, you could face a number negative consequences. They could affect your academic career and your social life and even your personal life. The consequences could range from expulsion or suspension to a permanent record of disciplinary actions and other sanctions that can make your career and education difficult to pursue.

The process can be extremely overwhelming and stressful for students who lack the legal knowledge to navigate the process. A knowledgeable and skilled Title IX lawyer can ensure your rights are protected throughout the process. This includes preparation for hearings and responding to complaints in writing, and negotiations with schools.

Your lawyer can also evaluate the nature and the scope of your complaint in order to determine if it falls under the federal laws applicable to colleges and universities. In the majority of instances, these laws protect students from a wide variety of discrimination in the areas of race, gender and religion, disability and ethnicity.

In addition, Title IX covers discrimination against students due to their sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status. Title IX claims can be brought against a university when an employee, for example a faculty member or coach, is discriminated against at work.

Despite these laws, there are still a variety of instances in which an entity or government may discriminate on the basis of sex. For instance when the discrimination is part of a larger policy that is essential to achieving goals of the government and the discriminatory practices employed are “substantially related to the achievement of those goals,” then the government or public beneficiary could be permitted to continue using the discriminatory practices under Title IX.

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