How amazing is this marriage proposal at the Met?


A marriage proposal from the John Januzi Alex Metropolitan Museum

Last week, my friend John JanuziWith his heart beating, he posed the question to his girlfriend Alex at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Here’s how it happened …

John: We both know we want to get married. But with the pandemic, there was no right time to suggest it. Then we moved to Brooklyn, we arrived dog, And I was like f * ck I’ll do it.

At the beginning of the year, I began to research rings. Alex loves rubies. When it started getting more serious, I told my parents that I was looking at rings, and it turned out my mother had a sapphire. (That must be cute, mom!) My dad gave it to her like 20 years ago.

I brought rubies to Brooklyn. The strangest feeling was to walk around town with a gem. This is a great feeling Unpolished gemstone. There is a ruby ​​in my pocket. If you get robbed, it’s a bad day for it to happen.

She brought sapphires into the house and moved around the apartment a lot.

Alex: Wait, I’m hearing this for the first time.

John: Yeah! I put it in my grooming kit, in various places in the bathroom, and kept moving it around the house. Then I got to Laurel Pantene, Jewelry consultant, and Millie and Noah, Jewelry designer. We started this crazy Instagram DM conversation. They are scared, I am afraid, we send designs back and forth. We’d styled it all over Instagram. I was like, Wow, what a world!

Once I got the final ring, I got really worried about its suggestion. I am sending text messages to all of her friends. Everyone in NYC except Alex knew I was going to suggest.

But I had to understand a plan. When we first started dating, we would often go to the Met to see Degas dancers. It occurred to me that this would be a really good place to suggest.

Alex: I always like to go to the Met to see my ballerinas.

John: So, I said, I have some days off, let’s go to the Met.

Alex: I was like respect.

John: First, I went to Google Maps to have a look at the Met Floor chart. There is a beautiful walkway that leads to the Degas statue of the ballerina. It is flanked by two other Degas. Degas spoke everywhere. So, I knew I had to guide her down the aisle.

The day comes when we head to the museum. I have the ring in my pocket and was terrified that they might harass me at security and look like they are in the box. But, thank God, we have succeeded.

Then Alex said she was hungry. We end up in the basement cafeteria at the Met, which is the opposite corner from where we want to be.

The route I had planned – going up the grand stairs, through the photography gallery, etc. – would not have happened. So, now we’re walking around the galleries, and I’m looking at paintings like, pretty, pretty, awesome, okay – trying to find the painting I’m looking for.

Then I see a character sitting on a bench in a gallery covered in black, and I realize this is a hunter. I had asked my old friend Hunter to come there to take pictures in secret. But the hard thing about Hunter is that they have rainbow hair. Therefore, they can be recognized a lot. They wore a black hood to cover their hair. The hunter dressed as a demon was keeping people out of the show!

Alex: I wish there was a reverse image of them sitting there.

John: I was like, This is either a hunter or I’m going to die from this grim reaper. All we could see was the back of their head. They had a large hooded coat.

Alex: I’m still totally oblivious. I didn’t notice Hunter. I was directly in line with ballet dancers like a five-year-old.

John: Until this point, my head is clearly racing but I’m keeping it calm. Once we got into the gallery, I couldn’t talk. I said something like, yeah, it reminds me of when we first started dating, haha. Gently guide her towards the bow. I had everything I wanted to say planned. I take out the ring box and I’m on one knee. At that point, she realized she had no idea what was going on.

Alex: I immediately fell on my knees and the panda hugged him. I don’t even remember what he said, I just started crying. I was holding it tight.

John: It was cool, I didn’t have to defend my case!

Alex: I could hear the click from Hunter.

John: And I said, This is a hunter. That’s when I screamed out loud.

Alex: She made a scene at the Met.

John: People are starting to come to us. Even the lecturer was like, congratulations.

Alex: It was like slow motion. It was crazy how happy I felt.

John: She was cheerful.

Alex: I was crying and dropping our masks so I could go out with him. It was like anything I could do to feel close to him. It was a very intimate public moment.

John: We’ve only taken down the masks for a second! We are both completely immune!

Alex: After that we went to a nearby bar and drank a martini. The whole time, I was like, I feel so dirty! I haven’t had a shower in two days. I was like, Why didn’t you tell me to take a shower ?!

John: But I was like, if I tell her she has to take a shower, she’ll know something is up.

Alex: The ring is very fatal. I just now wrap up with the delight of it all and really appreciate this ring.

John: There is always a fear about whether or not a person will love a ring. But once I put it on, I was like, This ring is Alex, Alex is that ring.

Marriage proposal from Capital Museum John Januzzi Alex

Marriage proposal from Capital Museum John Januzzi Alex

Marriage proposal from Capital Museum John Januzzi Alex

Marriage proposal from Capital Museum John Januzzi Alex

Marriage proposal from Capital Museum John Januzzi Alex

Congratulations, John and Alex !!! Read about John’s cookies And the Alex organizing company hereIf you like. And if you were engaged before, what did the proposal look like? Or did you Just talk about it? We’d love to hear.

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(photo Hunter Abrams.)

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