How to be productive in 2021


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Today I wanted to talk about a Solo podcast episodeE that Michael and I recorded on how to be productive in 2021.

The year 2020 was bad. Obvs. It was challenging for everyone in different ways. Things are sort of normalizing, but many of us still work from home, or now work from home permanently.

We always talk a lot about mentality, especially Michael. Yes, 2020 is bad, but it has actually been a very productive year for my family, both professionally and personally. There was plenty of time to slow down a bit and think and reach some of our goals.

We loved recording this podcast episode Because we’re so excited about productivity and the things that helped us, so I wanted to share some tips here as well.

Tips to be productive in 2021:

♡ Get rid of negativity.

When you have a light bulb moment and a great idea or goal comes to you, there’s usually always someone in your life who will blow that bubble. Minimize the conversations you have about your goals with these people. The same goes for watching the news. We delve into this in the episode.

♡ Don’t check texts and emails and don’t reply to them right away.

This is basically like assembly, which you may have heard me talk about before. Michael pushes too.

There is no need to check and respond to correspondence as soon as you hear a “ding”. Choose once, twice, or three times a day dedicated to reading and replying. Those in-between are when you get a lot of shit done.

♡ Surround yourself with inspiring people.

You may have heard that “you surround yourself with.” Well, the same goes for those you follow on social media. Only follow the people whose contents you want to consume. For me, I want to be inspired, educated, or entertained. So easy.

Think about how many stories you see on Instagram each day, and now think about the total time you spend in a week. Now think of the whole year. That’s a lot of time to watch someone else’s life. right?

♡ Schedule everything on your calendar, even when working from home.

This should roughly be changed to private when you are working from home. Makes All the Difference Setting a schedule for each part of your day means that you manage the day, the day won’t run you off.

For me, I schedule my workouts, fun time with zaza, driving time, when I shower, lol like I said, I schedule everything.

♡ Eliminate clutter from your space.

This is a hidden gem of advice I learned from Ria Safford of Reorganize. If you haven’t heard of her, she’s the organizing queen. She organized our entire LA house, and she’s staged a lot of celebrities, too.

Organizing your home can save years of life. Having a coffee station, nutritional supplements, food, lockers, skincare, and more will all save you a lot of time and frustration. Stay tuned for the episode of RIA’s podcast coming out later this month. But in the meantime, if you want more tips on home organization, you can follow all of Ria .’s guest posts Here.

Here’s the thing, 5 tips to boost productivity in 2021. Make sure to tune in to the podcast episode, because we dive into all of these tips and tricks.

S, Lauren

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