How to launch a brand and be a mother


How to launch a brand and be a mother

One day I was looking for the Internet Housewives Clothes.

What do you mean? I was literally looking at the outfits that were all worn by Kyle Richards, Dorit Kimsley, and Lisa Vanderbump.

I stumbled upon the blog of Lauren Sebastian Great blonde hair It literally broke exactly what I was looking for. I organized all of these outfits, according to the reality TV star, and I thought they were the most ingenious thing I had ever seen.

Lauren pays attention to Real Housewives Shows, she finds the exact same clothes and accessories they’re wearing, then posts about it on her blog. Talk about a niche.

We got to talk and found out she is funny, smart, and loves details. We decided to collaborate with the blog exchange and couldn’t be more enthusiastic about what stock we have for us.

Lauren will come Skinny secrecy For a 3-part series, so stay tuned for her other posts on Housewife Costumes (highlighting Dorit – My Favorite Housewife) and How to Get 5 Housewives for Less.

But first, I wanted Lauren to share how Great blonde hair It came to be. She actually built everything herself with HUSTLING. It’s a truly inspiring story and shows what can happen when you pursue and remain true to your passions.

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How to launch a brand and be a mother

Anyway, let’s get right into the first part of Lauren’s series and hear all about how she builds her business and deals with being a mom and entrepreneur.


Being a mom and an entrepreneur can be tough, but I wouldn’t get it any other way. Here’s the story of how I found my way BigBlondeHair.comHow Lauryn and her brand inspire me, and what it takes to live your entrepreneurial dream.

Throughout my twenties, after college, I was always struggling to support myself but struggled with what I wanted to do professionally. She went through careers in many industries. They included, but were not limited to: selling commercial insurance (a nice salary, but very far from the brand), working in sports marketing (good luck where you were if my dad knew someone), and temporary employment (passing Xanax ), And being a wholesale rep for women’s clothing lines (enjoyed it, I learned, but the story is long, one of my bosses is in jail now), I work for a speed dating company (yes Bill, I love to travel but have been planted here) and many others gigs.

I learned so little about many things but never liked what I did. I’ve always been supportive of myself but left jobs left and right, not because I wasn’t doing very well, but because I totally preferred doing my backup work than being miserable at 9-5.

Although it was never in my life plans, because I really lived at the moment, I got married at 26.

Young, relative to everyone I know. At 27 years old, I was pregnant and totally confused about my career. I knew I hate working in an office and love fashion and writing. I lived in Chicago, not New York or Los Angeles, so there was definitely a low ceiling in the fashion industry, and for me that ceiling wasn’t very daunting to get to.

And on top of all of this, in “My New Life” I knew nothing about babies (like my legitimate never changed my diaper), and after I gave birth to my oldest son, Mark, I became extremely anxious about leaving him with anyone. I also dealt with some postpartum depression, and eventually I decided to stay home because I wasn’t sure what to do. I know this is a dream scenario for many women. But with it over, even though I loved my son so much, staying home was the hardest job ever, mentally.

But it just brings me where I need to go.

There I was, in my mid-twenties, all friends at the bar. I’m at home with a baby while my husband goes to work as a trader. Like I said, I lived this moment, and that moment made me feel like my social life was over and that I had to start wearing my mom’s jeans (when they weren’t in fashion).

This may sound selfish, but it was a reality to me whether it was really happening or not. I loved Mark to death but was just going crazy. Then one day I turned on the TV and saw Real Housewives of Orange County And cool thought, right there Be Moms out there are hot and have a life. Maybe not over yet? What are they doing and not doing?

Which seed was planted for Great blonde hair.

In 2010 not many people have blogs, but my husband (is also a businessman, which is one of the reasons I love it Listen to Lauryn and Michael ) He had an idea about the stocks that inspired me to start one of my own. I called on it Great blonde hair Because I was hoping to somehow make money to pay for hair extensions. Since then, you know, I haven’t worked. I couldn’t understand getting my husband to pay the bill for something like that, despite all the work I was doing at home.

Update: I’ve paid multiple times over the past 10 years of getting it, and they’re not far behind.

I wasn’t quite sure where to go. But I knew now that I fell in love with reality TV as well as fashion.

To start, I dived a little bit about the posts BSC My style but I finally decided that I love finding and sharing what the housewives have been wearing. One day Tamra sued from Real Housewives of Orange County She shared one of my posts about Beach Bunny swimwear on Social Media.

It got 50K hits in one day and gained a lot of traction.

Then the crowd started. How would I have made money from this? Especially since my husband has clicked on my Google Adense ads so many times that they blocked me (allow)? Affiliate programs weren’t really in their present day form yet. So I started calling (no lie) housewives’ stores to sell the banner ads I created mostly (I guess draw Program) without experience.

Fun fact: I still work with two of the three retailers I started working with directly 10 years ago, and I am shopping with others!

Long story short, I’ve strived to combine direct ad and affiliate links (as soon as they’re available) for years to come.

When my son was asleep, I was at work. I’ve been watching it full time and still have been working close to 40 hours a week for years. And while I was making some money, I did it for 4 or 5 years before I could actually say well, that’s a well-paying job. In my sixth year, I managed to hire my first employee Great blonde hair I slept from there.

Do I have “regular” vacations where I can be offline? No.

Am I writing this at 10 p.m. after working an entire day and putting the kids to bed? Yeah.

Is he often ungrateful and do people often think I don’t have a “real” job? Yeah.

Do I love nearly every second of what I do? Completely.

Being able to work from anywhere gives me the opportunity to be at all sporting events and school events for my oldest son and at least at home to work while my youngest son Valentino (yes, I named a kid after a pair of shoes) is growing.

One of the main “secrets” I cannot ignore is that I have some amazing women around me (shout out to Jessica Knottick, Farren Wegler, and Chelsea Shackleford BBH Going and trying to keep me organized) which I don’t take for granted. Even when I didn’t have employees, women helped me make connections, helped me learn, supported my position, and I still liked being in an industry dominated by women.

Speaking of gorgeous women, what drew me to be superior at Lauryn & Skinny secrecy How highly organized and in routine, which is the opposite of my nature!

I learn a lot from listening to her and I’m really impressed with her brand. I really like what you built.

This is all total #goals for me. Now that I’m a mom to Zaza, I love to hear about what she does to manage work and parenting because I’m always learning something new that I can try to incorporate into my life and work routine. I plan to grow my brand further over the next few years and always look to it for inspiration.

In my opinion, whether you are an organized and hugely organized like Lauryn or like me, who needs to see a project evolve and sometimes rely on employee suggestions before implementing the organization, it all depends on working hard if you want to start your own business.

Whether you talk about me, Lauren, or any other entrepreneur, if you want your business to thrive, it definitely ends up looking like another kid. You have to keep educating yourself, not be afraid of failure, discover your strengths and network as well as the day-to-day responsibilities of running your company. Like anything else, you get what it has to offer and it’s always great to have a little bit of luck and help along the way.

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I love sharing stories of moms, hustlers, and inspiring women with you, so I really hope this post has brought you value.

Like I said, stay tuned for more posts from Lauren on Housewives’ Fashion. I’m so excited to talk about Dorit, I can’t even.

And be sure to check out Big Blonde Hair for Amazon clothing basics.



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