How to make homemade honey mustard


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Soo good homemade honey mustard sauce! It’s easy, sweet, and creamy and you’ll be able to use it for just about everything!

Quick and simple, this recipe will only take a few minutes from start to finish! You will go crazy over the delicious taste! In fact, try it out with these tried and true recipes like this one chicken salad, This delicious Chicken pretzel, or some amazing air fryer.

Honey mustard flavor

Once you try homemade honey mustard, you will never go back to the store! It’s a classic taste that can be used with it Salad, Meat, And vegetables! The best part about this recipe is that you can make it in advance! In fact, go ahead and double the recipe because you’ll love it so much! You’ll be in your fridge for a week and try to find every excuse you can eat something!

I think honey mustard is an underappreciated sauce…I feel like the only time I ever thought of using it was when I was in a restaurant. And once I had it, the flavor was always very good! Which always made me wonder. Why don’t I have some of this at home all the time?! So this recipe came along and I’ve been the happiest ever since! It’s so versatile and absolutely delicious to the taste, you’ll go crazy!

Ingredients in Honey Mustard Recipe

I know I said the best part about this is being able to do this ahead of time but… I think the best part about this is that you probably already have all of these ingredients in your house to make this! No need to go to the store to pick out mysterious ingredients! So, no excuses, get out your bowl, whisk, and make it now! See recipe card below for exact measurements.

  • Dijon Retriever: You can use regular mustard but I think Dijon makes this taste so much better. It gives it great flavor!
  • honey: This will balance the taste with some sweetness!
  • mayonnaise: It’s a great base and makes it so creamy!
  • Lemon juice: The juice keeps the recipe fresh.
  • Red pepper: A delicious condiment without heat!

How to make homemade honey mustard

As if having all the ingredients already in the house doesn’t make this easy enough… that only takes one step and you’re done! Quick and simple, you’ll have this ready to eat in less than 5 minutes! whisk: Add Dijon, honey, mayonnaise, lemon juice and sweet pepper. Whisk until smooth. Feet as desired.

Two pictures showing the ingredients being whisked in a bowl.

Quick tips for the best honey mustard

Once you’ve made a great honey mustard sauce, here are some tips on how to keep it fresh and tasty and use it all the time! They don’t last long in our house because there are plenty of things to dip into. Fortunately, it’s easy to do over and over again!

  • Stir it up: Once you have this done and put it in your fridge for a day or two, you will want to make sure you stir it well. Sometimes ingredients can separate, so whisk them up quickly and you’ll be ready to eat in no time!
  • Storage: Place this sauce in an airtight container in the refrigerator. It will last up to 6 days! If you haven’t eaten it before…
  • dipping: This is one of my favorite sauces not just to use in recipes but to dip allllll things into! Try dipping some fresh veggies, fried potato or classic piece of Chicken.

  • Add Dijon, honey, mayonnaise, lemon juice and sweet pepper. whisk until it becomes soft. Feet as desired.

Serves: 12

Calories42Calories (2%)carbohydrates6g (2%)protein1g (2%)fat2g (3%)Saturated fat1g (5%)unsaturated fats1gMonounsaturated fat1gunsaturated fats1gcholesterol1mgsodium94mg (4%)potassium15thmgthe basic1g (4%)sugar6g (7%)Vitamin A27IU (1%)Vitamin C1mg (1%)Calcium5mg (1%)iron1mg (6%)

All nutritional information is based on third party calculations and is only an estimate. Each recipe and nutritional value will vary depending on the brands you use, methods of measurement, and portion sizes for each household.

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